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Oct 24 2012

Early Voting Machines Default to Obama

The election isn’t for another two weeks. Yet the shenanigans have already begun in Guilford County, North Carolina:

On Monday, several voters complained that their electronic ballot machine cast the wrong vote. All the complaints were made by people who voted at the Bur-Mil Park polling location.

One of the voters, Sher Coromalis, says she cast her ballot for Governor Mitt Romney, but every time she entered her vote the machine defaulted to President Obama.

What a coincidence: during earlier voting in 2010, the same thing happened in Nevada. Machines defaulted to a vote for Harry Reid. In another remarkable coincidence, Harry Reid’s son Rory was in charge of the machines, which where maintained by the ultra-left SEIU.

According to election officials, the machines just need to be “recalibrated.”

If Obama miraculously pulls out the election despite clear indications that he is going to lose, be prepared to make a very big stink about voting “irregularities.” This time if we let fraud slide, we will be letting our whole country slide.

On tips from Artfldgr, TheWrightWing, Bob Roberts, Shawn R, and Rotohammer.

20 Responses to “Early Voting Machines Default to Obama”

  1. czuch says:

    Take a moment and try to imagine my surprise.

  2. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    At my polling station, paper ballots are good enough for off years and primaries, but we “need” those roulette wheels for the big ones.
    I wonder what those UN poll watchers would say if they witnessed a 1 ton truck backing over a machine that came up three “O’s”

  3. jorgen says:

    It sounds like the machines have already been “recalibrated.” The machine probably comes fully equipped with votes from dead voters too.

  4. 762x51 says:

    The line of departure has arrived, lock and load.

  5. TED says:

    AGAIN, fools and FRAUD. Just like any other Commie country the elections will be rigged.

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  7. Jester says:

    So it’s just that easy, huh? You push any button and it comes up Obama right before your eyes. We’ve gone from a Two-Party system (which is bad enough), right to a One-Party one, just like Cuba & North Korea.

    To all you neo-progs: I don’t want to hear your lies about election fraud anymore.

  8. Mickey Shea says:

    The old voting machines may have been dinosaurs, but they were reliable. Electronic ones open up the door to all kinds of fuckery. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it the Bush administration that opened up that door by mandating that change?

  9. Highway Hospital Student says:

    This time if we let fraud slide, we will be letting our whole country slide.

    Absolutely right.
    The polls will provide evidence for Romney while the “votes” will pour in for the Kenyan.

    So try and get all the Nascar, football and baseball, little league fighting, or whatever entertainment is your priority, out of your comatose systems by the time the landslide comes in for BO on Nov 16.

    The vote is the only (ONLY) only last, final bit of power left to Americans.


    It is almost inevitable that we will need to demand a massive recount investigation.

  10. Jimbo says:

    The world (as we know it) may end prior to 12/21.

    When the dust and smoke clears, the ranks of cheating liberal dipshits will be vastly reduced, and individual liberty may prevail again.

  11. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    More voter fraud caught by Project Veritas and OKieffe
    This one goes right to the top

  12. Anon-Y-Mouse says:

    No, Highway, not the ONLY last bit of final power.

    If they try and pull THIS crap, the REAL last bit of final power…or should I say “firepower”…will come into play. As per the Constitution. As per the Second Amendment.

    If Obama wins, he wins. If he cheats, IT WILL NOT STAND.

  13. Highway Hospital Student says:

    As per the Second Amendment.


    Conservatives are not going to go all Die Hard against the government. Like everyone in every totalitarian regime, 99.99% of the people will meekly surrender their arms and gold when the government comes to take it.

    The other 0.01% will hide. There’s precedents for both in this country’s history.

    If BO wins it will be bc he cheated. And here’s all the liberals had to do: Go to states like Ohio that will have a razor-thin margin for Romney and pull out a few Republican votes. Then enough electoral votes will go to the Kenyan.

    That’s it.

    You won’t know; you won’t be able to detect. BO will be formally sworn in, in an undisclosed location the night of the election.

    And Americans’ll be watching Beverly Hillbilly re-runs.


    And you will not only give up your vote due to fraud, you will give up your gun when Lefty comes for it.

    That’s the way it is, Pancho.

  14. Anon-Y-Mouse says:

    We’ll all just roll over. We won’t know. We’ll drink beer and watch the tele. That’s just the way it is, eh “Cisco”?

    First of all, I think Dick Morris has it right: a landslide for Romney. They can’t cheat if it ain’t close.

    As for your worm’s-eye view of the Stupid American, all I can say to you is move, be moved or be removed. Progressives are the ones that talk a lot, protest, then whine when they don’t get their way.

    Conservatives keep quiet, work within the system and then, if they must, take direct action.

    As for surrendering their arms, “…from my cold, dead fingers”.

  15. Rotohammer says:

    It’ll be recalibration camps for us if team Obama pulls this off.

  16. Alphamail says:

    To say Americans will roll over and give up their weapons at the demand of a tyrannical government is folly.

    No one wants to consider the scenario, but its sheer folly.

    This is not 1939 Germany. The Germans gave up their guns and freedom, along with their strudel, beer, and lederhosen, but by itself it was never enough to change the world’s geo-political or moral balance.

    Likewise Cambodia, China, or Russia – though scores of millions died.

    This is America…..we are the last hope of a faltering world.

    None of those places were a bastion – the only bastion – of individual human freedom and true and total independence.

    What our forebears gave us in terms of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution has been a very short-term experiment in the very long scheme of things – it is one-of-a-kind, and if lost, may never reoccur.

    I am anything but macho and I don’t relish the confrontation or the consequences, but for those who originally sacrificed to create those documents, for those who died for my right to be free, for my family’s sake, for America’s sake, for humanity’s sake, and for God’s sake, no one is going to come and take my weapons away without me trying to stop them.

    This has nothing to do with choice.

    I am obligated both by history and by my Creator to be willing to die to defend morality.

  17. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    To say Americans will roll over and give up their weapons at the demand of a tyrannical government is folly.
    I agree completely
    But that won’t stop libs from working every angle
    Including hunting
    For hunters like me, hunting isn’t ultimately about the gun. It’s about wildlife and the land that sustains it.
    On its Web site, the N.R.A. calls itself the “largest pro-hunting organization in the world.” Yet during election season, the N.R.A. makes endorsements based largely on candidates’ voting records on gun control — with little if any concern for their views on other issues of interest to hunters. Candidates who voted to allow the ban on assault weapons to expire, for example, are labeled “pro-sportsmen” often despite their weak voting records on environmental issues.
    See ? You can be a hunter, and support draconian gun control legislation at the same time.
    Why, she could care less if she must hunt with her bare hands
    The author sees the fact that two thirds of hunters do not belong to the NRA as a consensus for Democrats to dig in their heels and take a bite out of the second amendment.

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