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Apr 21 2019

Easter in Eurabia

Multicultural enrichment enlivens all aspects of Eurabian society, including Easter celebrations — while these are still permitted. From PolitikStube, as translated at Allah’s Willing Executioners:

Strongly drunken man, dark-skinned and with a beard, enters St. Paul’s Church in Munich at the Theresienwiese during the Croatian Mass (Easter blessing), with a bottle of alcohol in his hand, lights a firecracker and throws it into the middle of the church and shouts “Allahu Akbar”, everyone panics and throws the baskets where the Easter meal was in, runs out and screams.

Twenty-four people were injured, including both adults and children. Impressive yield for a firecracker.

Here’s video of the aftermath:

Maybe Europe will experience something similar to the rebirth we celebrate on Easter. If not, its future isn’t worth a rotten egg.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

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