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Oct 04 2019

Eat the Babies!

Jonathan Swift lives on in an unhinged moonbat who proclaims that due to the menace allegedly posed by harmless CO2 emissions, we must act immediately and eat the babies:

As suggested at Vlad Tepes, we are reaching a parody inversion point, where it is no longer possible to distinguish progressivism from parody.

Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to recognize that the woman in the video is probably either spoofing or insane, yet the level of hysteria on display is not far removed from today’s Democrat mainstream.

The deranged concept that babies are bad because they make it be too warm out by emitting carbon is accepted among liberals. Influential feminist Gloria Steinem has asserted that letting unwanted babies live “is the single biggest cause of global warming” and that the patriarchy forcing women to bear children is “the fundamental cause of climate change.” Her fellow moonbat Prince Harry encourages Britons not to reproduce for the same reason.

Babies aren’t human anyway, or it wouldn’t be legal to abort them. Why not eat them? All we have to do is legally set the arbitrary age at which they magically become people to a year or two after they have been born.

Titania McGrath is ready to tuck in, “as soon as someone comes up with a vegan soy-baby alternative.”

On tips from Dragon’s Lair, 😈 😈 BLACK 😈 DEVIL 😈 😈, Henry, and Varla. Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

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