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Oct 19 2018

Eating While White in the Bronx

Thanks to the increasingly overwrought rhetoric excreted by the Left, prominent Republicans like Kirstjen Nielsen and Ted Cruz are not the only ones who cannot eat in peace in public. Just eating while white can have consequences:

A Bronx man trying to enjoy lunch at his favorite pizza joint had his face slashed and his eye socket broken with what he described as “a Mike Tyson punch” in an unprovoked bias attack, the victim told The Post.

What do they mean “unprovoked”? The existence of white people has provoked Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation for ages. You can learn all about it at any college, on every channel on TV, and in the lyrics to most rap.

Chris Bilcik, 59, said he was sitting alone in Ray’s Pizza on East 138th Street on Oct. 6 when the unhinged man walked in, grabbed a slice of his own, and launched into a racially charged diatribe for no apparent reason.

“He starts rambling about ‘f–king white people,’ then he turns around and starts gesturing towards me about the evils of the white man, talking about how they’re the devils of the world,” said Bilcik, who is white. “And he’s pointing at me.”

Before long, the hostility became physical. Whites being to blame for all PPPP failures and shortcomings, it is no wonder the assailant was angry.

The brute also cut Bilcik across the face with a sharp object during the scrum…

The assailant lingered for a bit and then walked off unmolested. As for Bilcik, after retinal surgery he required more surgery for the broken eye socket. That will teach white people for being racists!

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