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Oct 16 2019

Ecomoonbats Begin to Win War on Cows

Progressives are serious about preventing us from eating meat and dairy products in the name of their repressive ideology. Doing away with cows is part of AOC’s demented Green New Deal, which found acceptance among the Democrat establishment. “Progress” toward this malevolent objective is already underway, as left-wing apparatchiks build on the dangerous notion (upheld by the Supreme Court) that “greenhouse gases” are pollutants.

From Power Line:

[Monday] the Minnesota Court of Appeals issued an opinion in In the Matter of the Decision on the Need for an Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Daley Farms of Lewiston, LLP – 2018 Dairy Expansion Utica Township. Daley Farms wants to expand its dairy operation, which naturally entails having more cows. Daley Farms dutifully went through the permitting process with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and the MPCA granted the necessary permits. That wasn’t good enough for far-left organizations like the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, which appealed the MPCA’s grant of permits to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. MCEA argued, among other things, that the agency hadn’t taken into account the methane emissions that more cows would generate.

Cows fart. Leftist want to use these farts as a pretext to criminalize cows to force us toward a vegan diet. Their strategy is beginning to work.

Shockingly, the Minnesota Court of Appeals found this objection persuasive. It reversed the MPCA’s permit issuance and sent the matter back to the agency for further proceedings. …

If this decision stands, every farmer in Minnesota who wants to add more cows (or other animals, presumably) to his farm will have to pay lawyers to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement that calculates the effect of the additional farm animals on the Earth’s average temperature. I can save them some money: the impact is zero, to however many decimal points you want to work it out to.

True enough. But imagine trying to prove to a leftist bureaucrat who is trying to put you out of business that adding a few more cows to your farm will not make it be too hot outside.

This is about more than food — not that food isn’t important enough.

The need for endless environmental assessments and filings, and the invitation to lavishly-funded left-wing groups to challenge permits issued by state and federal agencies, explain why we can no longer do anything. We can’t build a dam, we can’t replace a pipeline, we can’t build a power plant (especially a nuclear one). With this decision, we can’t even expand a dairy farm.

It’s fun to laugh at fools who take the global warming hoax at face value. But the totalitarian ideology driving it is no joke. Stalin’s USSR was a land of freewheeling libertarianism compared to what the climate change crowd wants to impose.

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