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Jan 20 2020

Educrats Enraged by “Virginity Rocks” Shirt

We want kids to grow up with a healthy appreciation of the right of free speech, but some notions are too offensive to allow in public schools — like the idea that virginity is good.

KMOV reports from Missouri:

A St. Charles County couple said the Wentzville School District threatened to suspend their son if he wore his ‘Virginity Rocks’ sweatshirt to class again.

A social studies teacher pulled 13-year-old seventh grader Londyn Piglowski out of class and escorted him, possibly by the ear, to the principal’s office, where he was commanded to wear the sweatshirt inside out or face punishment. Later he was threatened with suspension if he dared wear it again.

The district’s dress code does not allow students to wear clothing with statements advocating immoral, illegal, sexual, or violent behavior.

In practice, this appears to mean that students are not allowed to contradict what they are told in their sex ed classes.

Let’s let the educrats explain themselves. From an official statement:

The District’s policy regarding student dress provides opportunities for our administrators to address student attire that is potentially disruptive to the educational environment.

If you have been following the descent of public schools into unmitigated moonbattery, you can see why encouraging adolescents not to have sex would be seen as “disruptive.”

Maybe the educrats were just trying to nip Londyn’s problematic attitude in the bud before it could escalate into full-blown thoughtcrime like this:

Meanwhile, a nurse was ‘cancelled’ and harassed by a hate mob who tried to get her fired after she suggested that young people could avoid STD’s by not having pre-marital promiscuous sex.

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