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Sep 18 2020

El Paso Jesus Destroyed for Looking White

Some may laugh at Afrocentrist militant Shaun King of Black Lives Matter for pretending not to be white, but he is dangerous nonetheless, because others take him seriously. Remember when King proclaimed that Caucasian-looking statues of Jesus must be destroyed for facilitating “white supremacy”? Isaiah Cantrell must have been listening.

From El Paso:

The diocese said a man walked into the sanctuary at St. Patrick Cathedral in El Paso while the church was open for prayer Tuesday morning and destroyed [a large statue of Jesus], which was located behind the main altar.

The 90-year-old statue looks like a total loss. It was decapitated and knocked off its pedestal, consistent with the iconoclastic vandalism characterizing Black Lives Matter and the mostly peaceful protesters it has inspired.

Police soon arrested Cantrell. Via

Cantrell said that the statue was the wrong color. He told the officer that Jesus was Jewish, so the statue should have a darker skin color…

However, Cantrell says the statue fell over on its own. Too bad the media didn’t think to use this line for all the statues of great historical figures that Black Lives Matter stormtroopers have torn down throughout the country.

As with so many of the maniacs who have been wreaking havoc this summer, Cantrell was already known to authorities. He caused a scene in the president’s office at University of Texas at El Paso on September 4.

From elsewhere on

When police arrived, an officer said Cantrell told them he needed to speak with President Heather Wilson because university police had been harassing him.

Like destroying statues, claiming oppression by the police has been a popular theme recently.

Employees had been told to push a panic button whenever Cantrell appeared in the office. According to an employee, Cantrell frequently raved about protests and demanded Wilson’s removal.

Police said Cantrell became difficult when they tried to escort him from the premises, cussing at the officers and throwing himself to the ground. After a brief struggle, he was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass, the document states.

But in no time he was out again, with predictable results.

There was a time when lunatics were locked up because of the menace they pose to society. Nowadays, we are lucky if they are incarcerated even after they commit violent crimes, thanks to leftists like Kamala Harris.

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