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Dec 07 2018

Elizabeth Warren and Liberal Psychosis

The fallout continues from the moronic decision by Elizabeth Warren (a.k.a. Fauxcahontas) to publicize a DNA test indicating that she has somewhere between 1/64 and 1/1,024 Mexican/Colombian/Peruvian blood. Countermoonbats continue to guffaw at her strategic pretense of being an Indian. Moonbats also object to her antics, as we see in a New York Times article that unwittingly sheds light on the stark insanity at the root of liberal establishment ideology:

For some Warren allies and progressive groups, Warren’s standing by the DNA test amounts to profoundly poor judgment. Some said she was too reactive to Trump’s attacks — tests results would never silence a president who often disregards facts, they said — and created a distraction from her own trademark message of economic populism [i.e., socialism, leading as quickly as possible to communism].

Trump has ridiculed her patently absurd claim that she is an Indian. In light of Warren herself publicizing a test that proves she is not an Indian, even while pretending that it proves she is an Indian, moonbats attack Trump for disregarding facts.

More inversion of reality:

Ian Haney López, the law and racial justice professor at the University of California, Berkeley, said Warren made a “naïve” error by not seeming to grasp the attack strategy of conservatives. … Trump was not seeking to make a factual claim against Warren but to brand her as an outsider, López said.

As you might expect of a professor of a useless subject at a prestigious university, Professor López has tried to feed us the exact opposite of the truth. Warren pretends to be an outsider, and Trump’s ridicule is based on the fact that she is actually a member of the core population.

Hold on, it gets crazier.

Warren’s allies also say she unintentionally made a bigger mistake in treading too far into the fraught area of racial science — a field that has, at times, been used to justify the subjugation of racial minorities and Native Americans.

Racial science is to be avoided because there is no escaping the conspicuous correlation between race and intelligence unless you keep race and science in separate rooms. Meanwhile, conservatives are said to have rejected science if they won’t believe that taxes control the weather.

Racial justice advocates, keen to cast race as a socially constructed issue with little biological grounding, said Warren’s actions gave validity to the idea that race is determined by blood, a bedrock principle for those who believe in racial hierarchies and castes.

These fanatics literally do not believe that race is determined by blood. That means that Rachel Dolezal really is a Person of Politically Preferred Pigmentation. It means that two Zulus in deepest Africa could mate and produce a tow-haired European.

Why not, considering that we can get kicked off Twitter for failing to believe that Bruce Jenner is a woman?

It is not hyperbole to call liberal ideology clinically insane.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva.

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