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Aug 20 2018

Elizabeth Warren Calls for Nationalization of US Businesses

Democrats like Elizabeth Warren have been showing their true colors lately — or rather, their true color. Commie red:

[Warren] proposes to nationalize every major business in the United States of America. If successful, it would constitute the largest seizure of private property in human history.

Her proposal has the Orwellian title “Accountable Capitalism Act.” It would virtually destroy capitalism and leave largely unaccountable bureauweenies in control of the economy.

Under Senator Warren’s proposal, no business with more than $1 billion in revenue would be permitted to legally operate without permission from the federal government. The federal government would then dictate to these businesses the composition of their boards, the details of internal corporate governance, compensation practices, personnel policies, and much more. Naturally, their political activities would be restricted, too. Senator Warren’s proposal entails the wholesale expropriation of private enterprise in the United States, and nothing less.

We used to spent $trillions on a nuclear arsenal because we were willing to blow the whole planet up rather than subsist as slaves to communist tyrants. But the moral, intellectual, social, and political corrosion known as moonbattery has changed us.

We have not yet deteriorated to the point where Warren could actually implement her scheme. But Marxist posturing can get you a long way in the Democrat Party these days, as Bernie Sanders has proven.

Corporations ought to lay off their leftist “virtue” signaling long enough to take note of the rhetoric coming from the Democrat Party. They also ought to read up on the Russian Revolution and what followed.

On a tip from Jester.

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