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May 10 2019

Elizabeth Warren Calls for Race-Based Medical Priority

The presidential campaign of Elizabeth Warren is going nowhere, possibly because even Democrats find her nails-on-a-blackboard personality unappealing in the extreme. Her predictable solution is to triple down on the moonbattery. Now she proclaims that Big Government should impose on hospitals a system of race-based medical priority:

Hoping to capture the anti-white racist vote in 2020, Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren recently proclaimed her belief that black women in America somehow don’t receive the same level of care from doctors and nurses that white women do, implying that more white women need to die in order to level the playing field.

Whatever takes federal money is subject to federal control. Here’s how Fauxcahontas would wield it:

Hospitals that effectively reduce the mortality rate of black women during childbirth will be given “bonuses,” Warren promises. But those that don’t are “going to have money taken away from them” – meaning other patients, including white women, will thus receive lesser care in order to generate “equality” for black women.

In effect, Warren calls for a triage system, based not on the urgency of medical need but on race, with her fellow whites receiving lowest priority. No wonder she pretends to be an Indian.

Warren’s economic prescriptions are no less malevolent. Echoing Obama’s infamous “You didn’t build that” speech, she recently proclaimed, “Nobody in America succeeds on their own” — i.e., no one will succeed unless Big Government lets them.

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