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Oct 15 2018

Elizabeth Warren Confirms She Has Virtually No Indian Blood

In the face of ridicule over her conspicuously absurd claim to be an Indian, the blonde-haired blue-eyed Elizabeth Warren has acquired DNA evidence that she really has a drop or two of Indian blood:

Warren has released a DNA test that provides “strong evidence’’ she had a Native American in her family tree dating back 6 to 10 generations…

Stanford’s Carlos Bustamante did the test.

He concluded that “the vast majority” of Warren’s ancestry is European, but he added that “the results strongly support the existence of an unadmixed Native American ancestor.”

According to the report, Fauxcahontas could be as much as 1/64 Indian.

But the report includes the possibility that she’s just 1/1024th Native American if the ancestor is 10 generations back.

Warren has made the tiny fraction go a long way.

During her academic career as a law professor, she had her ethnicity changed from white to Native American at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where she taught from 1987 to 1995, and at Harvard University Law School, where she was a tenured faculty member starting in 1995. (She was a visiting professor at Harvard during the 1992-1993 academic year.)

But I thought minorities were oppressed by discrimination. Why would a woman who is overwhelmingly white and looks it pretend to be a minority?

Monica Showalter wonders if it could be that Warren gamed a system that is run by Cultural Marxists:

While she may crow about finding a [geneticist] to say she has a trace of Native American blood, her own website’s page titled “fact squad” tells the real story of what she’s worried about as she prepares for her next political climb: Her long insistence that she never, never, never-ever gamed the system – and her website has a, kid you not, 4,000 word apologia to insist she didn’t. Talk about the lady protesteth too much.

Maybe she just wanted to get onto the racial impostor list, along with these other notables:

James Livingston
Ja Du
Joshua Marcus
Philip and Paul Malone
Jeb Bush
Susan Taffe Reed
Michael Derrick Hudson/Yi-Fen Chou
Shaun King
Andrea Smith
Rachel Dolezal
Vijay Chokal-Ingam
Ward Churchill

Instead of running Warren for president, Democrats ought to look for a real Indian who can read a teleprompter and is articulate and clean like Obama. Who would be so racist as not to vote for an Indian?

On tips from Becky in Washington, Stormfax, 1-Bodhisattva, and Byron.

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