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Jan 23 2020

Elizabeth Warren Promises Prosecution of Current Administration Officials

Democrats want to Third-Worldize the population through open borders. They want to Third-Worldize the economy through the Green New Deal. They even want to Third-Worldize the political system by vengefully prosecuting those who have participated in the current administration.

You think the impeachment antics have been fun? Wait until Elizabeth Warren controls the executive branch. From the Wall Street Journal:

Warren now says that as President she’d launch an open-ended criminal investigation into her predecessor and anyone who worked for him.

That’s why once you lose power in backwaters like Bolivia, it is best to get out of the country. Those places are often run by people like Elizabeth Warren.

Warren’s latest “anti-corruption” plan says she would create “a Justice Department Task Force to investigate corruption during the Trump administration and to hold government officials accountable for illegal activity.” She would order Justice to look for violations of “federal bribery laws, insider trading laws, and other anti-corruption and public integrity laws” as well as immigration-enforcement offenses.

The latter would no doubt consist of enforcing immigration law, which we could expect to be retroactively criminalized under a Warren regime.

As the impeachment farce has demonstrated, you don’t have to break any laws to be prosecuted by Democrats.

“This will be no ordinary transition between administrations,” the document says ominously. Team Warren won’t be satisfied with taking control of the executive branch in an election. They also want scalps of choice ex-officials.

When Democrats have finished reducing the USA to North Bolivia, people like Wilbur Ross, Kellyanne Conway, and Ben Carson (all specifically targeted for vengeance in Warren’s plan) will be lined up in front of a firing squad. For now, Democrats still favor soft tyranny. But Trump officials still might wind up in prison as a result of show trials conducted by the malicious clowns who brought us the Kavanaugh confirmation and the House impeachment circus.

Actual crimes are legitimately investigated. In contrast,

Warren is proposing something different: A law-enforcement task force dedicated to searching for wrongdoing only by political opponents.

Viciousness drips from Elizabeth Warren like venom from the tip of a scorpion’s stinger. The only encouraging thing about the Democrat Party these days is that she isn’t getting much traction. But the rest of her party isn’t far behind her.

On a tip from Varla.

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