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Aug 28 2019

Elizabeth Warren’s Most Egregious Lie

Robert Knight is right. Advancing her career by pretending to be an Indian is not Elizabeth Warren’s most egregious lie.

Not that it wasn’t plenty egregious:

Warren, who is as white as Ivory Snow, was identified as a “minority faculty member” by the University of Pennsylvania. She herself asked the school to change her status from white to Native American, according to the Federalist’s David Harsanyi. She self-identified as a “minority” in the school’s legal directory, and was listed by Harvard Law School as one of the “women of color” that they had hired for diversity.

She then took a DNA test, which confirmed that she has no significant Indian ancestry. With astonishing arrogance, she and the liberal media tried to gaslight the public into viewing the test as evidence that she is an Indian.

But the Indian fib pales into insignificance in comparison to a truly malevolent lie like this:

Even though she was a bogus Affirmative Action hire, Warren was still a Harvard law professor. She knows as well as anyone that Michael Brown was not murdered. Officer Darren Wilson shot the maniac in self-defense, as attested by 13 witnesses. This was admitted even by Obama’s Justice Department, which was belligerently far left on racial issues and would have loved nothing so much as to find a shred of evidence that Wilson was guilty.

Warren also knows that racially motivated violence against police officers didn’t end when the Black Liberation Army stopped assassinating cops in the 1970s. As Knight reminds us,

On July 7, 2016, a racially-motivated Army vet ambushed police officers in Dallas, Texas at a Black Lives Matter protest, killing five, injuring nine and also wounding two civilians before being killed by police. He told authorities that he had “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.” Other police have been executed at point blank range in their vehicles.

Mendacious rhetoric spewed by irresponsible demagogues literally gets police officers killed.

As a former prosecutor, Kamala Harris also knows better:

“Racial equity” means that instead of being based on who breaks the law, arrests should be proportionally distributed among races. This concept is insane, unjust, and mainstream within the Democrat Party.

It is appalling that people as conspicuously contemptible as Warren and Harris can be elected to public office at any level.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

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