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Oct 13 2019

Elizabeth Warren’s Racist $1.5 Trillion Bribe

Wildly excessive pandering by Democrat presidential candidates is not limited to the tiny fraction of the population that identifies with LGBT militants. Racial pandering is particularly important when it comes to energizing the base. Like communism, racial favoritism is currently advanced under the facade of global warming malarkey. That’s why we see Elizabeth Warren promising to give $1.5 trillion of other people’s money to blacks in exchange for their votes on the lame pretext that they are oppressed by the weather:

[Fauxcahontas] released on Wednesday a plan to combat climate change while addressing “environmental racism,” the concept that climate change disproportionately affects minority communities.

World to End: Minorities Will Be Hardest Hit. It would be a joke, except jokes don’t cost this much.

Warren’s plan would invest $1.5 trillion in technologies and job training programs designed to address global warming. The funds will be disproportionately allocated to impoverished communities, which, Warren argues, will suffer immediate economic disruption due to climate change.

“Impoverished communities” is a euphemistic synonym for “nonwhite communities.” The nonwhites with the most political leverage, namely blacks, will get most of the money.

It is inconceivable that the wasted $1,500,000,000.00 would have any perceptible effect on the weather. This is a race-based payoff funded by taxpayers, pure and simple.

The new plan draws on the “Principles of Environmental Justice” agreed upon by the 1991 National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit.

Whenever you see the word “justice” in the context of leftist politics, someone is about to get screwed on a coercive basis. Progressives’ use of the word is classically Orwellian.

Earlier, Warren applied “justice” to healthcare, by promising that if they elect her, blacks will be given priority treatment at hospitals. The outrageous is the norm for today’s Democrats.

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