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Aug 20 2019

Elton John Blesses Royal Ecohypocrisy

At first, I was outraged by the ecohypocrisy of royal moonbats Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who fly constantly by private jet. Their travels often take them to global warming conferences where Prince Harry spews moonbattery like this:

“We cannot continue to breathe polluted air while cutting down our forests, or without reducing emissions.”

…and this:

“…with privilege comes great responsibility.”

…and even lunatic idiocy like this:

“I always think to myself, whenever there’s another natural disaster, a huge increase in volcano eruptions or earthquakes or flooding, how many clues does nature have to give us before we actually learn, or wake ourselves up to the damage and the destruction that we’re causing?”

To judge by leftist rhetoric, the damage that according to his belief system includes volcano eruptions and earthquakes is caused primary by the harmless carbon emissions that he produces in extravagant abundance.

No one likes hearing self-righteous lectures on sobriety from the town drunk. But I feel differently, now that the royal twain’s carbon-belching lifestyle has been blessed by Sir Elton John himself:

Sir Elton John today confirmed he had paid for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to fly to and from his £15million mansion in Nice by private jet for a holiday ‘inside the safety and tranquillity of our home’.

The 72-year-old singer claimed he had ensured Prince Harry and Meghan’s flight to and from the French Riviera last week were carbon neutral by making the ‘appropriate contribution’ to a carbon footprint fund.

Carbon footprint funds are audacious scams in which indulgences are sold to sanctimonious ecowarriors with large carbon footprints.

On tips from ABC of the ANC.

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