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Apr 02 2020

Emergency Funds Flushed Down PBS, NPR

Whether the health threat posed by the Wuhan coronavirus truly lives up to the doomsaying remains to be seen. Regarding the economic threat, we already know that it could hardly be overstated. Retail traffic has fallen a staggering 97%. As The Hill reports, “initial claims for unemployment insurance skyrocketed to 6.65 million last week.” Given the severity of the economic crisis, stuffing relief bills with frivolous pork that we cannot afford and do not need or even want is an act of economic sabotage bordering on treasonous.

Here is how Big Government is squandering the money many of us are no longer in a position to generate thanks to draconian measures imposed by Big Government:

The final passed Coronavirus rescue bill includes $75 million for PBS which funds NPR as well as the show “sesame street.”

That bonanza is in addition to the HALF-$BILLION we were already forced to turn over this year to the pernicious Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

At least if they gathered up the money and set it on fire, Americans who are eventually made homeless by the Wuhan economic crisis could gather around it for warmth. That would do more good that wasting it on the PC propaganda excreted by PBS and NPR.

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One Response to “Emergency Funds Flushed Down PBS, NPR”

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