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Sep 20 2011

Emmy Host Calls Tea Party Racist

Here‘s Emmy Host Jane Lynch spreading the lie that there is anything whatsoever racist about the Tea Party:

“Yesterday my daughter had a tea party with her little friends and it was so cute. They complained about taxes, called Obama a communist and wondered how the Latina kid got in.”

Yuck yuck. I wonder what Jane Lynch et al. would make of this photo from a Tea Party in Phoenix:


Moonbats have the bully pulpit for now, because they control the media. But if they keep insulting normal Americans and lying to our faces, eventually we’ll find something else to watch.

On a tip from Shawn. Photo by Varla.

29 Responses to “Emmy Host Calls Tea Party Racist”


    I havnt watched these stupid award shows in years theira total waste of time we should just boycott the whole thing

  2. Festivus says:

    She used to be kinda funny.

  3. Bob Roberts says:

    Before we start, I want to make it clear: I love immigrants, I accept we are a nation of immigrants (even the so-called “native” Americans have ancestors who came here from somewhere else despite some who like and claim otherwise) and I’m for a sensible, reasonable immigration policy as long as it’s backed up by enforcement of immigration laws, which I agree need serious reform.

    It’s not really smart to pigeonhole people in general but, for the sake of discussion, there are two broad kinds of immigrants – First, those who accept and respect our laws, came here legally and who, generally (i.e. not 100% but a pretty high percentage just the same), expect others to do the same. Second, those who, for whatever reason, don’t respect our laws with regards to immigration either with regards to the fact they came here illegally (or their parents did and they were “anchor babies”) or they’re OK with others coming here illegally and expect the USA to solve world poverty by throwing open it’s borders an allowing every single person seeking “economic justice” (read that as getting everything from us for free without doing anything to earn or deserve it) in the whole wide world to get it at our expense.

    I am as upset as ANYONE about the sad state of some countries and the literally billions of people in them who are doomed to live lives of miserable poverty, but as the links I’ve posted PROVE, we cannot fix the world, or even keep up with the problem, by letting every disadvantaged person come here and, as the linked video and companion website make PAINFULLY clear, our current over permissive immigration policies are actually making things a lot worse for the world’s poor while dooming us to become much like them sooner rather than later. Our current policies and lack of enforcement are actually ensuring that the problem will become universal and the world will likely wind up with some global catastrophe, which in fact would suit the radicals/anarchists/leftists/moonbats because they hate the human race almost as much, if not more, than they hate themselves.

    Now it’s too bad leftist/moonbat Jane Lynch has raised such a loser of a daughter – but it’s clear that she has only because she doesn’t have a clue.

    So I’m going to throw down the gauntlet to her and all the other lib-tard moonbats out there: Stop with the talking points, the lies, the ridiculously obvious things you’re saying and actually take a minute to LISTEN to the other side and THEN if you think you have a valid argument, present it. Because, unlike you, we’re actually listening to both the population at large and to you – that’s why it’s true that your use of propaganda and attempts to turn everything into an emotional argument works to a point, eventually people do wake up and realize that they’re not as dumb as you seem to think.

    2012 will, likely, send this message to you loud and clear. The only question is WILL YOU HEED IT and stop with the talking points, the vicious lies, the emotional arguments and start actually engaging in honest, open discussion and debate?

  4. Jodie says:

    We have had a lot of yard sales in the past couple of years. Almost everyone who comes to our sales is Spanish speaking. I guess they are illegal or they would speak English. But, they have all been nice to us and we love that they buy our stuff. I try to treat everyone decently unless they give me a reason not to.

    Jane Lynch just gave me a reason to call her a snooty Hollywood bitch, who is famous for playing trashy, filthy mouthed, over the top nasty characters.


    These award shows are all rigged anyway Who wants to waste time watching them anymore?

  6. Persephone says:

    I never watch these stupid handjob award shows…for reasons such as this.

    A bunch of elitist Hollywood scum, standing around stroking each other and telling themselves how wonderful they are.

    If they are sooo talented…then why are they doing remakes of everything, instead of coming up with new ideas?
    They have become so inbred in their thought processes by banning conservatives from writing and production positions that they truly are bringing themselves down.
    Good riddance.

  7. Jimbo says:

    Jane Lynch. Hmmm. I have no idea who she is or who she imagines herself to be, and I have no inclination to develop a more than ignorant opinion of her supposed significance.

    If a no-body screams, and no one is listening – does it still make a sound? Probably, but since it is a waste of God’s oxygen and creates Algore’s greenhouse gasses, she should be loathed by conservatives and liberals alike, huh?

    Silly liberals – they can’t open their mouths without making total asses and liars out of themselves.

  8. Grunt says:

    @Jimbo–I reckon there’s a reason the Democratic Party chose the Ass as their mascot.


    These people think their roles as make-believe characters somehow places them on a plane above the “masses”…it’s so ridiculous. Their views are as warped as their morals. “When you think of no one else but yourself, in the end…you will have only yourself alone.”

    It’s silly that they think they matter.

  9. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    There are two groups of Latino’s here.
    The first are hard workers, obey the law, green card, citizens.
    The second group keeps law enforcement very busy. Gang activity, violence, theft, narcotics, child prostitution NO citizenship, No green card.
    “Amnesty” to the first group means they are victimized and terrorized constantly by the second group.
    “Amnesty” means the SECOND group are the victims.
    All so that Jane Lynch’s liberal friends can farm them for their votes.
    And she claims WE are the racist ones.

  10. james says:

    Why would Moonbattery expect anything less from a Hollywood leftist lesbian?

  11. Adam says:

    “Jane Lynch just gave me a reason to call her a snooty Hollywood bitch, who is famous for playing trashy, filthy mouthed, over the top nasty characters.”
    Life imitates art, I guess.

  12. Austin says:

    They work and live in fantasy land. It’s too much to expect intelligence also. Did anyone see the article on Yahoo yesterday about the huge houses some of these people live in? With so many out of work and homeless, that was really tacky.

  13. Austin says:

    Someone needs to ask Lynch how many Tea Parties she has attended.

  14. RUKiddingMe says:

    Hahahaha love it. Lemme ask you this:

    Who among you is actually convinced that the Tea Praty does NOT harbor the racist, brainless bottom of the barrel?

    Even if there are those among the Tea Party who believe strongly in freedom, liberty, etc, and even if there are even educated people in their ranks (someplace)… those people are standing there next to the guy who hates Obama because he is a black guy. Those people certainly exist (gonna be hard to deny, what with the ample evidence available to anyone with Google) and they just as certainly identify with the Tea Party. Were the rest of us not supposed to notice?

    If you don’t like that people notice that, and don’t like that as a result you are a laugingstock… well, think about who it is you want to be seen identiying with. Clearly mainstream America agrees – JL got a laugh out of the crowd (and the crowd at the bar where we watched). Think that joke would have landed if there weren’t truth inherent in it? That’s what I thought…

    So… don’t like that you are tarred with the racist-brainless-tea-party-douche label? Try changing the perception that you are a racist-brainless-tea-party-douche.

    Or just keep on acting bonkers, and whine about it when people make fun of you for perfectly reasonable reasons.

  15. fxdwg says:

    See the above troll posting. Liberals are terrified of the TEA Party and what we stand for. They are terrified because they know that we are taking this country back. It will be a long time before we elect another liberal as POTUS.
    Enjoy your vacation, liberals.

  16. RUReTarded says:

    Hahahaha love it. Poll finds Obama losing ground to Republicans. Even Sarah Palin’s gaining on Obama……….. Must be because he’s black.LOL 🙂

  17. Right Reason says:

    So among the elected office holders who benefitted from substantial tea party support – Scott Brown, Marco Rubio, Allan West, Rand Paul, Tom Coburn, Jim Demint – which one is a racist, Uknownothing?


    Because of the candidates are not racists, and in point of fact several are minorities that the Democrats supposedly support, then the charge of racism is a bald-faced lie, isn’t it?

    Or are you saying that a party which has at least “member” who can be identified as a racist is itself racist?

    If so, then you may want to contact Obama, get a handout, and BUY A CLUE, since the following known racists were or are Democrats:

    George Wallace
    Bull Connor
    Robert Byrd (former KKK member)
    Ernest Hollings

    So where is your evidence that the tea party is racist, Uknownothing? Your claim?

    Now that you have been completely smacked down with facts, Uknownothing, please do what you do best … go back into your hole and mutter to yourself how “racist” those meanie tea party supporters are.

    A modern-day racial Gollum, hiding deep in the earth, mumbling incoherently to himself, “Precious racism …. precious racism.”

    Don’t go away mad. Just go away.

  18. RUReTarded says:

    Here’s the link….Poll finds Obama losing ground to Republicans. BOO Liberals, scary TeaParty. LOL

  19. anon says:

    The entire Black Caucus is racist.

  20. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    You R kidding, right ?
    Lets say you move into your new home. The first thing you decide do is to have a little housewarming party to get to know the neighbors.
    Well one of the neighbors who shows up just happens to be a registered sex offender.
    Using YOUR logic, you are now sympathetic to sex offenders. YOU invited him after all, right ?
    The fact is that the Tea Party invites those who believe in freedom and limited government. Any racist who shows up is a party crasher.
    Far different than the union organized protests in Wisconsin, and parades around the country where the Marxists there were invited guests.
    YOU own those orphaned morons now, lock stock, hammer, and sickle.
    Now where did those red diapers go ?
    Didn’t YOU hear the giggles ?
    How about the LaRouchers ?
    How about those hippies that infested NY this weekend ?
    My god man, have you NO shame ?

    Were the rest of us not supposed to notice?
    You don’t like being called a union card carrying Marxist Leninist brain dead Democrat douche bag ?

    SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP before you embarrass yourself even further.

  21. Chris in N.Va. says:

    I can just imagine poor Jane’s shock, utter shock I tell you, that her daughter’s nanny didn’t instruct her own daughter not to crash the quaint little tea party of Jane’s sheltered little Liberal-white-girl-white-bread party.

    As good Hollywierd Lib parents are no doubt aware, the servant class must respectfully know their place and never intrude into the private, invitation-only activities of their social “betters” donthca know!

    Did anyone else notice the implicit sexism in Jane’s litle snit-fit diatribe, that it was a latinA and not a latinO that purportedly snuck into her daughter’s pristine fantasy “tea” party? So, only females were invited or expected to attend, is that correct Jane dear? Hmmm???

  22. Jodie says:

    We’re not prejudice against blacks or Mexicans – just liberals.

  23. Joe says:

    Who the hell watches something as stupid and time-wasting as the emmys? Jane who?

  24. Lao Zedong says:

    What self respecting bar puts an award show on their TV? Must be a gay bar.

  25. Spurwing Plover says:

    One good award winner FOR THE BIRDS we are like the big bird in it when others give us the cold shoulder brush off and they send up getting humilated we can luagh at their shame

  26. Adam says:

    “Who among you is actually convinced that the Tea Praty does NOT harbor the racist, brainless bottom of the barrel?”
    Me, for one thing.
    I’ve personally attended two Tea Party demonstrations, and monitored reports of countless others, and noticedt the following facts:
    1. There was little to nothing at any of the rallies that could be considered even remotely racist, whereas many liberal rallies include people who are openly racist and anti- Semitic.
    2. In terms of diversity, not only were there people of minority groups present at the Tea Parties (i.e. at one of the ones I went to, there was a quite large contingent of Cubans who came in to join the Tea Partiers, and were welcomed with open arms, whereas the few liberal counterprotestor dickheads who tried to crash the Tea Parties I went to were all white), I can guarantee they are more racially diverse than the vast majority of liberal protest groups (i.e. the pro- abortion activists, the rabid environmentalist activists, and ESPECIALLY the radical pro- gay activists tend to be pretty much exclusively lily- white).
    3. Another important consideration to make is that the far left has been so desperate to find a way to accuse Tea Partiers of racism that they have been known to try and get “Infiltrators” to pose as Tea Partiers and hold blatantly racist signs in an attempt to frame the Tea Partiers. Not only would that explain the few potentially racist signs that may occasionally pop up at Tea Parties (and btw, racists at Tea Party protests tend to be quickly given the boot from the event, including the idiot “Infiltrators,” who stick out like sore thumbs), but it also brings up another important point: If the Tea Party demonstrations were really all a bunch of evil racist rallies, then why would the Left be so lacking in real evidence that they’d have to resort to planting phony racists among the Tea Partiers to frame them? Surely, if the Tea Partiers were as racist as you, Lynch, and the other liberal idiots so ignorantly claim, there’d be no need to resort to the use of infiltrators.

  27. TonyD95B says:

    What’s truly RAAAAAACIST is that I cannot criticize Barack Hussein Obama in any way, shape or form without bing called a…….racist.

  28. TonyD95B says:

    RE: Adam at September 21, 2011 at 4:01 pm:

    “……Surely*, if the Tea Partiers were as racist as you, Lynch, and the other liberal idiots so ignorantly claim, there’d be no need to resort to the use of infiltrators.”

    Yep – I was on the MoveOn mailing list (and a few other Loopy Loony liberal hate-group distribution lists) for a while just so I would get the updates on what they’re doing, or planning to do. They openly encourage “false flag” operations and “infiltration”.

    Only problem is, they are usually so inept (or exhibit unkempt appearance, bad hygiene, poorly spelled or incoherent signange, etc.) that they are quickly found out and kicked out.

    You can always ferret out a liberal……often by the smell.

    *RUKiddingMe says: “OK, Adam – but DON’T call me Shirley!”

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