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Oct 11 2018

Emotional Support Squirrel Nixed

What better way to cope with your squirreliness than to go nowhere unaccompanied by an emotional support squirrel? Yet Frontier Airlines booted a woman off a flight from Orlando to Cleveland because she insisted on bringing one.

Frontier said “rodents, including squirrels are not allowed” on its flights.

But… but… what about my emotional support capybara?

The squirrel woman was asked to get her squirrel off the plane…

The airline said when she refused, Orlando police were called and requested everyone be deplaned so they could deal with the passenger.

The flight was delayed for 2 hours, no doubt causing passengers to miss connections.

Nothing could better epitomize the solipsism of people who demand the world revolve around them on the grounds that wallowing in neurosis makes them defective and therefore special.

Police eventually escorted her off the plane and took her to the main terminal.

The men in white coats with their butterfly nets would have been more appropriate.

Too bad passengers missed out on the excitement of a squirrel potentially getting loose on the plane. Maybe Hollywood could make it into a movie. Even snakes on a plane don’t chew through cables.

If the woman can’t even ride on an airplane without an emotional support animal, imagine what the trauma of being dragged off by the police will do to her. A conveniently timed breakdown and an unscrupulous lawyer could put her in line for some jackpot justice.

On tips from Stormfax and Dragon’s Lair.

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