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Oct 24 2019

“Emotionally Disturbed Persons” Struck From Newspeak Dictionary

One reason updates to the Newspeak Dictionary never stop is that soon after a euphemism is imposed, a euphemism is required for the euphemism, which has taken on the meaning of the word it replaced. For example, New York police officers would never be allowed to call lunatics “lunatics”; that would be offensive to lunatics. So they call them EDPs, which stands for “emotionally disturbed persons.” Now they can’t say that either, because EDP has come to mean “lunatic.”

Patrick Lynch of the NYC Police Benevolent Association has been fed to the teeth with the EDP decrees excreted by Bill de Blasio:

Sounds like the situation in NYC will continue deteriorating under moonbat rule.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

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