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Aug 17 2023

End Stage Liberalism in Los Angeles

Savages are attacking police officers with hammers in broad daylight. Here’s what they do to old ladies:

Investigators are looking for the man who grabbed a 75-year-old woman’s purse Monday, Aug. 14, then dragged her through a Hacienda Heights [Los Angeles] parking lot as two good Samaritans chased him until he yanked the purse from her and he fled.

She was at an ATM when the oppressed person came up on her.

Deputies have not recovered the victim’s purse, which contained a wallet, an unknown amount of cash and a cellphone.

This is why law-abiding citizens need to be armed.

Watch and wince as her skull repeatedly strikes the pavement:

The price of succumbing to liberal rule is living in fear, as criminals increasingly own the streets.

Elsewhere in LA:

That’s what end stage liberalism looks like.

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