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Apr 14 2021

Energy Troubles in Texas Again

If there is one place you would think would never run low on energy, it would be Texas. But then, until recently, if there was one place you would think would never run low on freedom, it would be the USA.

Remember what happened last February when it got cold in Texas? Millions were left shivering in the cold, in part as a result of using unreliable green energy in a state that can produce plenty of energy that works.

We are not even halfway through April, but the weather is beginning to warm up. So Texas teeters on the verge of crisis again:

The governing body that manages the state’s power grid called on Texans to conserve energy Tuesday afternoon and evening as demand rose close to the available supply.

In 2019, the USA became a net exporter of energy for the first time since 1952. Among the states, Texas more than doubles the energy output of its closest rival, Pennsylvania. By some remarkable coincidence, left-wing extremists aggressively hostile to the energy industry take over the federal government and suddenly Texas has a hard time keeping the lights on.

High temperatures across much of North Texas Tuesday afternoon were in the upper 70s and low 80s.

Wow, scorching.

Energy consumers were encouraged to turn off unnecessary lights and equipment, turn up the thermostat, limit use of large appliances, close blinds, et cetera.

If Texas is having trouble in April, think what it will be like in July. If the country is having trouble after only 3 months of Biden’s handlers and their radical green agenda, think what it will be like after 3 years.

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