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Aug 04 2013

Entitlement in America

Years into Hope & Change, decent people are still asking themselves why anyone would do something as obviously unadvisable as vote for Obama. Here are a few reasons:

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11 Responses to “Entitlement in America”

  1. Flu-Bird says:

    We dont want Obamas change and he dont bring no hope

  2. jan says:

    sun tzu: if you know your enemy and your self like me you need not fear the out come of a hundred battles! if you know your enemy but not yourself like obama, you will lose as many battles as you win. if you know neither like the ignorant southern white trash tea baggers you always lose!

  3. octa bright says:

    You might want to keep in mind that a successful paracite
    does NOT kill its host. Detroit is the end result of the entitlement mentality. The last time that the productive members of society decided that they were better off with the barbarians than their government was in the IV to VII centuries CE. Recovery finally began in the X century with Charles the Great and was possibly a sure thing by the mid XIV century. The entitlement mentality only works so long as the society has the surplus to support it. No surplus, the cities die.

    You assume that one side wins and the other loses. BOTH side can lose.

  4. jan says:

    octa how do you know you are successful parasite? and besides burning young girls at the stake for being witches to keep population down only went so far. fortunetly columbus sailed west to find the east. by the way roman society did not blame circuses(pro football) or orgies(gay marrige) for the fall of rome they blamed christianity! thats why st.augustien had to write his book city of god to try and stop people from blaming christians for the fall of rome by christanized barbarians!

  5. Scott M says:

    Wow the US is screwed. I think you guys need another revolution.

  6. Toa says:

    Wow…just wow. Talk about a definition of human wreckage.

  7. jan says:

    no mexican -american birth rate will solve are problems as g.o.p. will never win an election for president again. revenge is a dish best eaten cold! attributed to kleons and your averege mexican american voter!

  8. Alphamail says:

    I believe the drug-addled gay syphilitic homeless were given laptops by the S.F. city council…how jan is able to get a signal under the bridge is anybody’s guess.

  9. octa bright says:

    Christianity was blamed for the fall of the Roman Empire by Gibbons in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire the first volume of which was published in 1776. Historical research has continued in that times and as a result our understanding of possible changes has also changed.

    Other causes now considered in the fall of the WESTERN Roman Empire are too long borders, the improved cohesion and technology of the Germatic tribes, the transfer of the political center of the Parthan successor state east away from Babylon, the inability to transfer power and legimitacy peacefully, an excessively large military establishment leading to excessive taxes and plagues from east Asia to name a few.

    As far as Christianity is concerned consider that the Eastern Roman Empire lasted until the mid XV century and had been Christian for more than a millanium and took a combination of grossly incompetant leadership, Crusader conquest, and a HUGE Turkish army to finally end.

    By the late XV century CE educated Europeans accepted that the world was round and that it was possible to get to Asia by sailing west. The problem was that the ships were too small to carry the provisions to make the voyage. The error that Colombus made was that he believed that the Earth was football shaped rather than an obliate spheroid and as a coincidence the New World was about where China should have been. When the Portugese got the details they stated that they didn’t know where he was but it was NOT China.

    Contemporary sources are questionable because they are too close to the events and almost always are biased. An example is war guilt for Germany with WWI and the later research into the start of the war. Another example is the contempory assessment of the causes of the American Civil War in the 1870s and 1880s compared to the causes considered today.

    As far as witch burning as a population control the intermittant plagues were far more effective. Another factor was global cooling which lasted until the mid XIX century and lowered agricultural production in Europe.

    @Scott M
    If you are including me being in favor of revolution you are in error. I believe that another revolution in the United States would be a disaster if not a catastrophe. I do NOT favor another another revolution!

  10. Lizard1950 says:

    Why did I ever freaking work. I should have just relied on government checks. Oh wait, there is the issue of self respect.

  11. Laura Castellano says:


    For Pete’s sake, learn about capital letters. You look like an idiot.

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