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May 20 2024

Enviromoonbat Conundrum: Lithium From Fracking

Great news for enviromoonbats: a new source has been found for the lithium that is required in massive quantities for the glorified golf carts they want to force us into. Now the bad news: it comes from fracking wastewater.

It turns out that the Marcellus Shale — a long swath of sedimentary rock in the northeastern United States that holds huge amounts of frackable gas — holds huge quantities of lithium too. Justin Mackey and other researchers at the National Energy Technology Laboratory in Pennsylvania were pleasantly surprise[d] when they studied the contents of wastewater dredged up in the fracking process at 515 sites in the Keystone State, reports Science Alert.

Fracking provides clean and cheap natural gas, but possibly due to its effectiveness, it is haram in the liberal religion.

Nuclear energy provides affordable electricity without allegedly harmful carbon emissions. Liberals oppose it, because it too is haram.

Whether our moonbat overlords will exploit the Marcellus Shale is doubtful. After all, why would they want to make increasingly mandatory EVs affordable, when they can just coercively subsidize them?

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