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Mar 07 2018

Environmental Lawyer Accused of Screwing the Pooch

Some environmental lawyers are probably motivated by a love of animals, believing that human activity must be suppressed so that the animals may flourish. Here’s one who loves animals too much:

Police have charged [Ivan] DeVoren, a Pittsburgh environmental lawyer, with 10 felony counts of aggravated animal cruelty, 10 counts of sexual intercourse with an animal, and possession of heroin, cocaine and marijuana.

The victim was his 6-month-old yellow lab.

According to detectives, a witness told them they overheard the sexual abuse happening at least 10 times.

Back in 2014, DeVoren spent five months volunteering at Humane Animal Rescue as a dog walker.

For the same reason, another kind of sexual deviant is likely to volunteer with the Boy Scouts, now that the organization has succumbed to the LGBT agenda.

Don’t worry about DeVoren. One of the lawyer’s lawyers assures us that he has a “very calm demeanor and doesn’t seem to be problematic in any other regard.” Besides, Barack Obama tells us that all people deserve to live free from discrimination, “regardless of who they are or whom they love.”

Just don’t leave DeVoren alone with your dog.

On a tip from heckrules.

3 Responses to “Environmental Lawyer Accused of Screwing the Pooch”

  1. Dan T says:

    I’ve heard of doing it doggie style, but not like this guy did.

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