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Sep 09 2018

Ernst Roets Denounced for Defending Right of Whites to Own Land

Even now, as land is confiscated on the basis of skin color from the whites who built and feed the country, and straightforward genocide looms on the horizon, some whites in South Africa betray their own kind for the sake of leftist politics. Check out the reaction in Parliament when AfriForum deputy CEO Ernst Roets attempted to defend the right of white people to own land based on how that land was acquired and cultivated over the centuries that Afrikaner civilization flourished.

Roets said expropriation without compensation, or compensation below market price, showed disrespect to property rights, a basic human right.

Roets pointed out that the axis of evil consisting of the African National Congress of Nelson Mandela and Cyril Ramaphosa on one side and the Orwellianly named Economic Freedom Fighters of the maniacal Julius Malema on the other is pursuing a communist agenda based on the false “ideological viewpoint that centralisation of the power in the state will be to the benefit of the public.” He disputed that the “eroding of property rights and tampering with healthy market principles will lead to economic growth.” He suggested that the envy-driven ANC-EFF alliance is more interested in hurting those with money than in helping those without. This is a reasonable assumption, considering that pursuit of the same policies resulted in radically worse poverty in Zimbabwe.

Roets went full thought criminal when he pointed out that whites acquired their land partially through conquest, but mainly by settling empty land, and through purchases, treaties, agreements, et cetera.

This is also how white people came to own land in America at around the same time in history. The same goes for Canada and Australia. Yet to say that Caucasians have a right to own land before South Africa’s Parliament resulted in bitter denunciations.

EFF’s reaction was predictable:

“You have taken everything that belongs to us,” EFF MP Tebogo Mokwele said. “That is why you are so arrogant to us. You think we are inhuman.”

“Let me tell you my brother from another mother, we are going to take the land, whether you like it or not,” she said. …

EFF chief whip Floyd Shivambu said the committee should not be “agitated by racist Afrikaner children”.

Still more horrifying was that white MPs piled on, like Jews rubberstamping Nazi plans for the Final Solution.

ANC MP Nick Koornhof said AfriForum acted as a “white BLF” and said they were not representative of all white South Africans.

BLF refers to Black First Land First, which is to EFF what EFF is to ANC — the same Marxism based in black supremacism, but even more greedy, bloodthirsty, and extreme. Or rather, even more impatient.

“What you did today is a disgrace to your organisation,” he said.

As you can guess by the Afrikaner name, Koornhof is a white South African himself, although what appears to be Koornhof’s Twitter page appropriately features a picture of a hyena.

Watch in horror as white MPs assist in heaping the last shovelfuls of dirt on the grave of the right of whites to own land:

Meanwhile, plans to alter the South African constitution move forward, so that it will explicitly allow the confiscation of land without compensation on a racial basis that is already underway.

If current demographic trends continue, the video above is our future (see here, here, and here).

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