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Jun 16 2020

Escalating Entertainment in Seattle’s Moonbat Utopia

Having spent 74 years under the heel of communism, the Russians running RT are laughing hard at the collectivist utopia that left-wing hooligans have inflicted on Seattle:

Enforcing private property rights in an anarchist utopia has proven difficult. One of the CHAZ occupiers took to Reddit over the weekend to complain that their tent had been looted and their laptop stolen, along with $400 in cash.

Leftists have a gift for euphemisms. Here’s one that tops “undocumented immigrant” and “choice”:

The CHAZ community quickly stepped in to reassure the victim that “a disadvantaged resident was in greater need of the items than you,” and to think of the theft as an “unplanned donation.”

What do you need police for? Justify crime with Marxist ideology and there are no laws to enforce — except for the law of the jungle, which Raz Simone can oversee.

In the absence of courts, revolutionary councils resolve disputes:

Much of the zone’s strategizing and organizing happens on Reddit. Here, some of the CHAZ organizers pondered a conflict resolution process over the weekend, to prevent similar thefts and disagreements. One of the plans discussed was the creation of a “Conflict Resolution Advisory Council.” However, the initial plan of electing one black man, one black woman and one white woman to resolve disputes soon fell apart when the organizers decided to include trans and non-binary representatives of all races, homeless members, mixed-race children, as well as 12 Asian members, as the original plan of including one Asian was deemed racist.

This society consisting entirely of liberals would make a fascinating study for anthropologists — if you can find any anthropologists these days who are not moonbats themselves.

Looks like the entertainment factor might go up a notch:

[A] collection of self-described “American Patriots,” made up of various militia and biker groups, is planning on retaking the zone from the leftists. According to an event posted on Facebook, more than 1,500 members of these “patriot groups” will descend on downtown Seattle on July 4 to “tear down the illegal barriers on public property, clean up the mess these communist kids made, and return the police station over to Seattle Police Department control.”

It would nice to think that local authorities will restore law and order by July. If not, they have no right to tax residents, as Jenny Durkan, Jay Inslee, and the rest of the clowns in charge are not fulfilling the most fundamental responsibility of government: to maintain public order.

On a tip from Henry B.

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