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Jun 20 2020

Eskimo Pie Is Erased

Everything distinctively American will be erased in the purge, from George Washington down to Eskimo Pie, which has been with us since 1921:

Why is the word “Eskimo” offensive? Because when the thought police can’t find offenses, they invent new ones. That is why we are no longer allowed to say “Negro” or “Chinaman.” We must constantly alter our language in order to display obeisance to cultural Marxism.

Specifically, NPR says the word “Eskimo” must be deleted from the Newspeak dictionary “because it was widely used by racist, non-native colonizers.” Anything having to do with “colonizers” — i.e., regular Americans’ ancestors — must be erased.

You can see why the Cleveland Indians will be forced to change their name, assuming that baseball isn’t too American to be permitted in our unfolding totalitarian future.

On a tip from Stormfax.

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