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Apr 28 2017

ESPN’s Deserved Demise

The bad news is that there is a cable channel even more obnoxiously left-wing than MSNBC. The good news is that largely as a result of its arrogant in-your-face moonbattery, ESPN is going down.

This week there has been a bloodbath at ESPN, with about 100 employees cut:

Familiar faces like Ed Werder, Danny Kanell, Len Elmore, Jayson Stark, Trent Dilfer and Brett McMurphy are among those who have been let go.

Cord cutting and overspending are factors, but clearly not the only ones. Even SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn admits the role of moonbattery:

“That is definitely a percentage of it,” Cohn said Thursday on 77 WABC’s “Bernie and Sid” show when asked whether certain social or political stances contributed to the stupor that resulted in roughly 100 employees getting the ax this week. “I don’t know how big a percentage, but if anyone wants to ignore that fact, they’re blind.”

Deep Root Analytics provides statistical confirmation:

[I]n 2015, the ESPN audience on average skewed Republican across all dayparts, ranging from 12% more Republican (Early News, Late Fringe, Overnight) to 21% more Republican than Democratic (Early Morning).

In 2016, every daypart on ESPN became less conservative, with Daytime being only 2% more Republican than Democratic, while Late Fringe and Overnight programming became 10% and 12% more Democratic than Republican – a 22 and 28 point shift, respectively.

Republicans have stopped watching ESPN. Here’s the latest reason why:

One day before the network laid off many of its employees, it published five poems about feminism and political resistance on its website geared toward women, ESPNW.

The first poem in the series is called “Revolution” and it’s dedicated to Asatta [sic] Shakur, an icon among black power enthusiasts who was convicted of murdering a police officer in 1977. She escaped from prison in 1979 and fled to Cuba in 1984, where she’s been hiding ever since.

Publishing political doggerel dedicated to Assata Shakur (born Joanne Chesimard) is yet another indication that the kooks running ESPN are not just annoyingly liberal, but malevolently ultra-Left. The disgraceful network deserves to go bankrupt as surely as Shakur deserves to be executed for murdering New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster during a routine traffic stop. Unless they can run a profitable sports network that appeals only to moonbats (despite sports fans leaning right), justice will be served, at least in ESPN’s case.

On tips from MAS, Sufferfortribe, Bodhisattva, and Jester.

12 Responses to “ESPN’s Deserved Demise”

  1. TED says:

    ASSATA and LINDA have a LOT in common…

  2. MAS says:

    Islam can’t reform in the classical sense of the reformation of Martin Luther. The reformation was a cry to return to the scriptural doctrines instead of the RC doctrines from men (the Popes). For Muslims to do the same it would look like “radical Islam” because ISIS and the rest ARE the reformation and they ARE following their books.

  3. Gail Finke says:

    I didn’t even know there WAS an “ESPN-W.” So I looked it up. The four poems (they took down the one on the terrorist” are awful. The rest of the page is no better. So… that’s my first and list visit to ESPN-W. I guess they think women aren’t very interested in sports, which is true, but they also think women are interested in drivel, which isn’t.

  4. StephaneDumas says:

    Looks like that kid might scream “That’s racist” but I couldn’t resist to write it.

    I wonder what’ll happen if karma come back to bite Assata Shakur by giving her a taste of her own medecine by one of her “brothers” or “sisters”?

  5. Mr Evilwrench: Deplore this! says:

    I wish, on cable, we could have our channels a la carte. As it is, part of my subscription goes to CNN, ESPN, etc, which I would never have watched anyway, even without the politics, just so I can get the channels I do want. The lightest channel packages start with those channels, and usually never get to what I want. These channels should be subject to market forces.

  6. TED says:

    Worthless bitch not FIT to SERVE him coffee!!! BLM? NO!! Not nearly as much as the FINE OFFICERS the worthless animals murder!!

  7. Brian Brandt says:

    Why do people hate capitalism?

    1. Airlines
    2. Banks
    3. Drug companies
    4. Cable companies

  8. Anissadwade says:

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  9. swimologist says:

    My fantasy is Cuban agrees to extradite back to the U.S., and as they’re taking her off the plane, a sniper shoots her from half mile away and she dies a slow painful death.

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