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Feb 03 2024

Ethics Journal Defines Pregnancy as a Disease

Moonbats demand we regard abortion as healthcare. If abortion is a cure, then pregnancy is not a gift from God but rather a disease. On behalf of the liberal establishment, the Journal Medical Ethics confirms it:

We argue that there are some compelling grounds for regarding pregnancy as a disease. Like a disease, pregnancy affects the health of the pregnant person, causing a range of symptoms from discomfort to death. Like a disease, pregnancy can be treated medically. Like a disease, pregnancy is caused by a pathogen, an external organism invading the host’s body.

These fiends literally regard a human child as a “pathogen.” This is consistent with liberal ideology, according to which all human activity is harmful because it offends the climate by producing CO2.

The Journal of Medical Ethics is the official journal of the Institute of Medical Ethics. “Ethics” is Liberalese for the pseudointellectual justification of evil.

Hat tip: Allah’s Willing Executioners.


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