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Jul 07 2020

Europe Imports Coronavirus-Positive Colonists

While Americans are distracted by the Black Lives Matter/Antifa chaos on the streets and the impending catastrophe of radicalized Democrat rule, Europe continues methodically committing suicide:

Now in Italy, “the migrant transport NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans has brought another 43 migrants to Italy from North Africa, and eight have so far tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus.”

The Italian Interior Ministry warned last month that at least 20,000 migrants were “poised to set out from the coast of North Africa toward Italy. In a letter to the European Commission, it dramatically warned that a new emergency is approaching and called for a common European strategy in response.”

Italy is hardly the only beachhead for the ongoing invasion.

Meanwhile, the UK government is passively sitting by while illegal migrants flood into their country via the English Channel and with help from the French navy. A record 167 illegal migrants swarmed into the UK in a single day in June. On another day, it was 91 Muslim migrants.

Do the math regarding their explosive welfare-fueled birthrate, and you will see that a single day’s worth of colonists is significant regarding Europe’s transmogrified demographics. Europe is gradually becoming absorbed by the Third World.

There are more immediate problems. Large numbers of colonists have…

…arrived since the coronavirus lockdown, with about 1,359 migrants arriving since March, out of a total of 1,830 for 2020 so far.

Wonders Nello Musumeci, the President of Sicily, quoted at Breitbart,

“Why was the quarantine on the mainland? Why does nobody inform us about the real conditions of the camps in Libya?”

You can imagine the conditions. Colonists from throughout Africa gather in Libya, from where human smugglers and still more nefarious do-gooder NGOs smuggle them into Europe. Camps in Libya are likely to be excellent places to pick up COVID-19.

The incident is the second time a migrant transport NGO has brought migrants infected with the coronavirus to Italy in recent weeks. Last month, the NGO Sea-Watch brought a total of 209 migrants to Italy, 28 of which later tested positive for the virus.

Europe has the capacity to sink these vessels before they reach shore, but not the will. This flaw will prove fatal.

Hat tip: RageNFreedom.

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