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Aug 14 2018

European Union Ban on Matches

The basic yet ingenious products that we take for granted though they symbolize the triumph of civilization are under attack. If they would ban lightbulbs, why not matches?

European Union officials have sparked fury by introducing new rules to ban ‘strike anywhere’ matches. …

The products are being replaced by safety matches, which can only be struck on the strip attached to the packet.

Until those too are found to be dangerous because someone might use them to start a fire.

Too bad Eurocrats weren’t around in the caveman days. This whole taming of fire thing would have been snuffed out with regulations in the beginning. Think of all the tragic fires that could have been avoided.

As for lightbulbs,

The news comes as the EU prepares to ban the sale of halogen lightbulbs at the end of the month.

The measure, which aims to reduce energy use, means households will be forced to buy more expensive LED lights from September.

Next moonbats will ban knives. No wait, they already thought of that (see here, here, and here).

On a tip from R F.

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