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Jul 05 2017

Even Bill Gates Recognizes the Menace Posed by Africa’s Exploding Population

Stop the presses — zillionaire moonbat pest Bill Gates has said something sane:

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has warned that Africa’s population explosion will overwhelm Europe unless the continent makes it more difficult for migrants to reach its shores.

Maybe his intelligence extends beyond the computer business after all…

Never mind, Gates is already back to spouting moonbattery:

In an interview with the German Welt am Sonntag newspaper, Gates said massive population growth in Africa will result in “enormous [migratory] pressure” on Europe unless countries increase overseas development aid payments.

Praising Germany having achieved its commitment to devote 0.7 per cent of GDP to foreign aid as “phenomenal”, the 61-year-old called on “other European nations to follow its example”.

These misguided aid payments are what caused the problem in the first place.

It used to be that the inability of Africans to feed themselves and to manage disease put a limit on their population growth, countering their rabbit-like reproductive habits. Thanks to self-styled do-gooders confiscating other people’s money and pouring it on Africa, this is no longer the case.

If current trends continue, the population of Africa will be so massive that it will overwhelm Europe. The effect will be to extend the Dark Continent all the way into Scandinavia. European Civilization will be extinguished, because Europeans will cease to exist. They will be absorbed into Greater Africa. The nightmarish situation South Africa now finds itself in will play itself out in London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, and eventually every last hamlet in Europe.

Already 6.6 million welfare colonists are waiting to invade Europe from Africa. Numbers in the near future will dwarf this.

This is a threat more profound than Nazis, the Soviet Union, or the Bubonic Plague. If Europeans were sensible, they would exert every conceivable effort to stop the invasion before it gets completely out of control and The Camp of the Saints becomes real. Every vessel spilling over with “refugees” would be appropriately regarded as part of a mortally threatening invasion force and sunk at once. Payments likely to increase Africa’s already excessive population would come to a halt.

But apparently Europeans are not sensible, so they are doomed.

On tips from Don M and Torcer.

4 Responses to “Even Bill Gates Recognizes the Menace Posed by Africa’s Exploding Population”

  1. Jester says:

    Gates said massive population growth in Africa will result in “enormous [migratory] pressure” on Europe

    See, he actually wants that pressure. He’s saying it like it’s a *good* thing. He knows that since migrants can easily be bribed by governments to vote leftwing (in exchange for free goods and services), then that arrangement benefits leftwingnutjobs like himself in the end.

    Next step in his plan: Importing more leftwing voters to the US.

  2. ramrodd says:

    From Diane K…anything Bill and Melinda Gates are involved in is evil…our community colleges are the targets. When they say “redesign and reinvent” this means they’re destroying any relevant academics and creating robots for the global workforce

    You must read their goals!

    I will tell you that for the last 4 years this CC has had some very radical speakers to
    include those from the original Black Panthers but just try and get a Conservative speaker in there. They have just received their change in status to a State funded Community College about 3 years ago!

    Dr. McGee to co-chair national AACC committee

    Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012
    Loraine O’Connell

    Dr. E. Ann McGee, president of Seminole State College, will co-chair a committee
    charged with remaking the nation’s community colleges.

    Seminole State College of Florida’s president has been tapped to assist in a national
    effort to reshape community colleges.

    Dr. E. Ann McGee, president of Seminole State College of Florida, has been named
    one of five co-chairs for the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) 21st Century Initiative Implementation Steering Committee.

    During the next 18 months, a group of approximately 100 educators from across the United States will be making recommendations to AACC regarding the implementation of the findings contained in the recent 21st Century Commission Report on the Future of Community Colleges.

    McGee will serve as a co-chair for the implementation initiative and also will co-chair the implementation team that will address documenting structured pathways for community college students to increase their completion rates by 50 percent by 2020.

    Nine committees, or “implementation teams,” are focusing on one or more of seven
    recommendations prepared by the AACC’s 21st-Century Commission. The commission’s report, “Reclaiming the American Dream,” envisions major changes to the nation’s community college system to prepare students for the global marketplace and to meet the national goal of significantly increasing degree and certificate attainment by 2020.

    “The committee’s primary responsibility will be to construct a road map – with a variety of streets, avenues and lanes – that colleges can adopt as they seek to enhance student success and create the pathway to success for their students,” McGee says.

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Kresge Foundation are among the
    organizations funding the effort to “redesign, reinvent and reset” community colleges to meet the goals spelled out in “Reclaiming the American Dream.” In addition to higher completion rates, the goals include improved college readiness, reduced skills gaps and redefined institutional roles to meet 21st-century education and employment needs.

    “Since community colleges now enroll nearly half of all students in higher education in
    the United States, the major challenge will be the scope of the effort,” McGee says. “The roadblocks that our students have to overcome just to be students have only increased. With limited resources and a growing population who needs us, we must be incredibly creative to devise student success measures that can be easily – and cost-effectively – adopted and implemented.”

    The 21st-Century Initiative Steering Committee co-chairs are: Dr. Walter Bumphus
    (chair), president and CEO, American Association of Community Colleges; Dr. Rey
    Garcia, president, Texas Association of Community Colleges; Dr. Alex Johnson,
    president, Community College of Allegheny County (Pa.); Dr. Steven Lee Johnson,
    president, Sinclair Community College (Ohio); and Dr. Karen A. Stout, president,
    Montgomery County Community College (Pa.).

    Seminole State operates six sites in Central Florida, including campuses in Altamonte
    Springs, Heathrow, Oviedo and Sanford/Lake Mary. Seminole State, one of the fastest growing two-year colleges in the nation, has enrollments of more than 32,000.

  3. geeknerd says:

    Just check out southern Sudan; The Arabs from northern Sudan are trying to exterminate the (mostly Christian) blacks in the south.

  4. Agrippa says:

    Rush obliterated Little Billy on today’s show! I notice that Little Billy ain’t giving any of his “hard-earned” bucks to the poor Africans (only to left-wing, Libtard causes in the USA that will promote idiot leftism and further importation of unskilled welfare recipients). Hypocrisy, thy name is GATES!

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