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Nov 27 2013

Even His Hecklers Are Fake

Remember when Obama and moderator Candy Crowley of CNN evidently collaborated to sandbag Romney with a pre-coordinated attack during the 2012 debates? That’s the last time I saw anything as contrived as the “heckler” who interrupted an Obama fundraising speech in San Francisco to demand he assume dictatorial powers on behalf of illegal aliens. See if this looks on the level:

Zombie was on the scene, and notes that pleas from “protestors” for Obama to rule by decree were a dominant theme throughout his visit to the Gay Area. Regarding the heckler in the video above,

The heckler, Ju Hong, claims that his outburst was spontaneous and unplanned; but considering that he was invited on-stage by the White House specifically because he was an Obama-supporting illegal immigrant, and considering how Obama not only let him go unpunished but then repeatedly used the outburst as a reference point in his scripted speech, Hong’s claims of “unrehearsed” are dubious.

Obama’s response to the evidently planted heckler was all calm reason — conspicuously out of character for a guy who has repeatedly governed by decree, ignoring the laws and rulings of Congress and the Supreme Court that don’t conform to his agenda.

Zombie has alternate theories to explain this charade:

Innocent Theory #1 is that Obama is essentially announcing to his base via these symbolic heckling exchanges that he no longer has the political will to issue as many power-grabbing executive orders as he’s done up til now, and that The Revolution has been put back on hold. “Ram through the progressive wish list with brazen executive orders? Why, I couldn’t do that (any more, at least) — it’d be unconstitutional!” Theory #1, if true, would certainly be in response to plummeting poll numbers and the sobering reality that the Republicans are now almost certain to maintain control of the House of Representatives in 2014, meaning Obama is conceding that he has been effectively stymied, and is thus warning his supporters not to get their hopes up.

Sinister Theory #2 is that Obama is staging these repeated calls for him to assume dictatorial powers as a way to later justify his actions when he amps up and redoubles his unconstitutional executive orders. “I wanted to be a passive and humble president, I really did — but the public demanded that I seize power, so I had to obey the people!” Theory #2, if true, would be based on the fact that Obama is a lame duck president and thus immune from any need to remain “electable”: He could basically do whatever he wanted for the next three years, however extreme, and “get away with it” since he never has to run for office again and Congress obviously will never impeach him at this stage of the game.

It would be nice to believe Theory #1. But it would fly in the face of everything we know about Obama, who is a dyed in the wool leftist — that is to say, an authoritarian.

Via Patriot’s Billboard, on a tip from Ronnie “Moose” Williams.

21 Responses to “Even His Hecklers Are Fake”

  1. Son of Taz says:

    Of course it was staged. Did the Secret Service rush the guy and drag him out? No, and they’ll do that whenever someone makes a scene. Their thinking is they don’t know what they’ve got, so end it now.

    The exception was the shoe-throwing incident in Iraq a a few years ago. Why the Service didn’t take out that guy immediately was never explained.

  2. MikeNC says:

    Son of Taz – according to Erik Prince on Hannity’s radio show last week, the guy that did take him down was a Blackwater guy. Prince stated that his guy drew his weapon first, then realized the guy only had a shoe, re-holstered his weapon, and then took the guy down while the SS was thinking about it.

  3. Kevin R. says:

    In a totalitarian State even the opposition is fake.

  4. John Lewis says:

    Ho hum – read your Roman history, especially about the sycophants to the first emperors. It’s all there. At least the Roman Senate had the excuse that Tiberius was a genuinely dangerous man – aside from being a capable general, he is said to have killed men with his bare hands by thrusting his fingers into their skulls.

  5. IslandLifer says:

    Ship of fools.

  6. Cameraman says:

    I think Theory #1 would be Correct, but this Commie knows the Gutless Repubs will allow him to do what he wants, it looks like a March to DC is in Order and Throw all of these Commies to the Curb, and Call a Crime Scene Company to scrum the Shyte out of the WH….

    Semper Fi

  7. MAKAYA says:

    In colectivist regimes, the phony opposition manages to end up dead. Can’t have them revealing the lie, you know. Ju Hong best watch his back.

  8. MAKAYA says:

    Scrubbing will not do. Sandblasting is needed for a start.

  9. Kevin R. says:

    MAKAYA @ 6:00 pm,

    Yep. When Stalin was told that a fake opposition group was used to lure Riley (the spy) to the Soviet Union, Stalin ordered ALL of them liquidated. The head of the Cheka protested that the people in the opposition group worked for him and it was just a front to lure the unsuspected. Stalin replied: They belong to a opposition group. Anyone belonging to an opposition group must be liquidated.

  10. John Lewis says:

    Everything that Obama says is a lie. Every communique from the White House is a lie. The Iranians haven’t quite twigged to this yet – they were a bit upset that the White House/English version of “The Deal” didn’t match their own. Of course not – the Obama version was intended to keep the American public happy. It is not operational. The Iranians should have realised – will realise – that they can now enrich uranium as they please, design and then test bombs as they please.

    Although frankly if they have the brains to build a bomb, they are taking their own sweet time about it.

  11. | says:

    Here’s a very enlightening take on this subject by Zombie from Pajamas Media:

    SF Protesters to Obama: Please Be a Dictator!

  12. Gary Benson says:

    Obama is a hate filled anti-white bigot asshole.

  13. Franco says:

    I’ve had over twenty years of reading reactions in order to determine the veracity of a person’s statement in order to determine their character. It’s what I get paid to do.

    This is staged. Notice he shows no subtle flash of anger when confronted. He has shown this at other times when confronted with those he disagrees with or is unprepared for. His mouth muscles are too relaxed, no quick uncontrolled squinting of eyes. It rolled with the script into with seamless transition of point. Amateurs, but effective to beguile the willing.

  14. jack says:

    Throw that freeloading Marxist Ju Hong out of the country.

  15. Son of Taz says:

    @MikeNC, thanks, I hadn’t heard that. Working the long hours to stay afloat these days and am in bed by the time Hannity is on.

    So, is the communist hiring private security? Hmmmm……

  16. 762x51 says:

    Comrade Chairman wants this so bad he can taste it. I reread the Constitution last night though and it turns out THERE IS NO OFFICE OF DICTATOR AUTHORIZED. That would make it illegal, not that he cares about that, but the entire SS Presidential detail should immediately refuse to protect him at that point. After all, their oath is to the CONSTITUTION, not the dictator. He wouldn’t last as long as a child molester in a cellblock if he does what Dong and the other illegals want him to do.

  17. | says:

    As if on cue…

    I wonder if Jonathan Zimmerman attended the latest closed door meeting at the White House for media

  18. | says:

    It should also be noted here that this is the guy who tells graduates to reject the voices that warn of tyranny

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