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Apr 26 2019

Even Music Causes Global Warming

Leftists must regulate everything, because everything causes global warming — even listening to music.

Kyle Devine of the University of Oslo and Matt Brennan of the University of Glasgow found that thanks to technological advances spurred by the free market, the cost of music is a fraction of what it was. This is an example of how capitalism constantly improves our lives.

In 1977 consumers were willing to pay roughly 4.83% of their average weekly salary for a vinyl album. In 2013, this number is down to roughly 1.22% of the equivalent salary for a digital album in 2013.

However, that is only the concrete economic cost. Progressives would prefer that you consider the theoretical environmental cost.

Storing and processing music in the cloud depends on vast data centers that use a tremendous amount of resources and energy.

Devine translated plastic productions and the electricity use to store and transmit digital audio files into greenhouse gas equivalents (GHGs). …

The GHGs caused by recorded music are much higher today than in the past. In 1977 the GHGs from, recorded music were 140 million kg. By 2016, they were estimated to somewhere between 200 million kg and over 350 million kg.

Concludes Devine,

“The hidden environmental cost of music consumption is enormous.”

This compels to ask a question for our time:

Is streaming music remotely from the cloud the most appropriate way to listen to music from the perspective of environmental sustainability?

If it is convenient and economically efficient, moonbats will insist it be taken away from you for the sake of their righteous eco-posturing — or at the very least taxed heavily.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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