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May 25 2020

Even Now, Gretchen Whitmer Doubles Down on Lockdown

It has been clear for some time that the lockdowns were a bad idea. Wuhan coronavirus has not gone away; yet despite hysterical predictions from the liberal media, lifting lockdowns has worked out fine in Georgia, Florida, Texas, and elsewhere, confirming that the lockdowns never should have been imposed in the first place. Stanford School of Medicine Professor Michael Levitt, a Nobel Prize winner, says that “when we come to look back on this, the damage done by lockdown will exceed any saving of lives by a huge factor.” Yet even now, Michigan Gauleiter Gretchen Whitmer continues to double down on the senseless repression:

Whitmer on Friday extended her stay-at-home order past its scheduled May 28 expiration to June 12, adding that public venues such as theaters, gyms and casinos would remain closed.

She also extended her state of emergency declaration covering the state due to the coronavirus pandemic to June 19.

Even as Republican-governed states acknowledge that the lockdowns are futile and must be lifted, the Great Lakes State remains under virtual martial law.

Large gatherings, for instance, are not allowed, and people must wear masks or other face coverings when in closed spaces. Barbershops and hair salons remain closed, as well as sporting and entertainment venues, gyms, casinos and more. Short-term vacation rentals are not allowed. Schools and camps remain closed.

The extension of the order means all of those rules will remain in place at least until June 12, unless Whitmer decides to relax them before that.

This is the fifth time she has extended her house arrest stay at home order.

Michigan Republicans have complained about the way Gauleiter Gretchen abuses executive power and ignores the legislature, but to no avail. Good thing she is Caucasian; otherwise Joe Biden would be sure to pick her as VP, in which case she could be the de facto POTUS next January. He might pick her anyway.

On a tip from Kate P. Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.

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