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May 28 2020

Events Push Biden Toward a Radical Black VP

Given that Joe Biden has no moral compass, common sense, or even coherent point of view and is quickly succumbing to senile dementia, the country’s only hope should the media get him elected is that his VP will be a moderate who will hold the country back from plunging into chaos. Racial politics makes this less likely.

Biden has already committed to the VP not being male as the #1 criterion. This did not satisfy leftists, who demand that the VP not be white either. Among Democrats, that narrows the field to a selection of leftists unlikely to exert a stabilizing influence.

Biden (probably Jill, not non compos mentis Joe) so far has held out against the second demand. But then came the disastrous interview where he told black influencer Charlamagne tha God “you ain’t black” unless you reflexively vote for him without thinking. On top of that comes the recent events in Minneapolis that have everyone’s blood up.

Via Fox News:

African-American activists are escalating their efforts to persuade former Vice President Joe Biden not to name Sen. Amy Klobuchar as his running mate, arguing he needs to choose someone who would excite black voters.

That is, someone who is black and who will aggressively advance the perceived interests of the 13% of the country that is black at the expense of the 87% that is not.

Those efforts come amid the national spotlight on the case of a black man in Minnesota who died on Monday after being pinned to the ground by a Minneapolis police officer who had his knee to man’s neck. That situation appears to be turning up the volume on calls for Biden not to choose Klobuchar.

Unpleasant as she is, Amy Klobuchar is sane by current Democrat standards.

Klobuchar – the Minnesota senator who didn’t resonate with black voters during her bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination – was already being criticized by activists as a choice that would not motivate black voters to support Biden in November’s general election.

Klobuchar stands accused of not prosecuting police officers when she was Hennepin County Attorney, and even of favoring law and order over anarchy.

The point of the Democrat establishment forcing out Klobuchar and Buttigieg during the primaries to clear the way for Biden was that Creepy Uncle Joe was considered capable of getting out the black vote, given his association with the historic First Mulatto President. Looks like this will not be enough without some heavy-duty pandering.

If you think the USA is reeling now due to the Kung Flu lockdown lunacy, wait until Kamala Harris or even Stacey Abrams is the de facto president.

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