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Nov 24 2018

Everyone Except Obama Is a Knucklehead

At the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago on Tuesday, the most intelligent man in the history of politics, Barack Hussein Obama, shared with author Dave Eggers how hard it is to be president when everyone except you is a knucklehead or jamoke resistant to doing the right thing:

“So you start off, you know, you’re a community organizer, and you’re struggling to try to get people to recognize each other’s common interests. You know, you’re trying to get some project done in a small community. You start thinking, ‘Okay, you know what, this alderman’s a knucklehead and you know they’re resistant to doing the right thing, and so I need to get more knowledge, more power, more influence so I can really have an impact.’ And so you go to the state legislature, and you look around and you say, ‘Well, these jamokes…’ I mean they — not all of them, but I’m just saying you start getting that sense of ‘This is just like dealing with the alderman…’

“Then you go to the US Senate, and you’re looking around, and you’re like, ‘Ah man…’ And then you, and then when you’re president, you’re sitting in these international meetings, and it’s like the G20 and you’ve got all these world leaders. And it’s the same people.”

That is, everyone except Obama is a knucklehead and a jamoke, from the local to the international level.

Speaking of knuckleheads, watch his audience of worshipers eat it up:

Normally even the most pathological megalomaniacs attempt to feign some degree of modesty, if only for the sake of manners. But if you are so great that Senators and world leaders are jamokes by comparison, modesty would be pretentious.

The video above is from the same performance at which he denounced Americans as “confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues.” No wonder he consistently sided with our worst enemy Iran.

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