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Oct 12 2019

Evidence That They Will Come for Cars

If leftists succeed in confiscating guns, will it satisfy their lust for power? Of course not. Cars are also on the agenda.

Confirmation, from New York City:

Anti-car hackers have broken into an electronic street construction sign in Brooklyn several times this month, reprogramming it to display statements like “Cars Are Death Machines,” “Cars Kill Kids,” “Cars Melt Glaciers,” “Use Bus Subway or Bike!” — and one instance, offering a little roadway etiquette with a sign blaring, “Honking Won’t Help.”

Owning a car is offensive to the climate. More to the point, it empowers the individual, just like owning a gun does.

Severely restricting as a step toward completely banning private access to automobiles is already working its way into the Democrat mainstream via the Green New Deal.

On a tip from Sean C.

One Response to “Evidence That They Will Come for Cars”

  1. […] same tactics used to attack gun rights could be used to criminalize cars — and will be, when progressives get to that point. But for now, they are focused on negating the Second […]

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