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Jan 30 2014

Excellence Sacrificed to Diversity at Brooklyn School

Egalitarian educrats understand that you cannot have a smooth-looking lawn unless every blade of grass is the same height. Some blades cannot be made to grow very tall, but all blades can be cut short. Therefore, to achieve the sacred objective of equality, all blades must be prevented from growing above the minimum achievable height. In other words, excellence must be sacrificed to “diversity”:

A popular gifted program will get the axe after Ditmas Park school officials chose diversity over exclusivity.

Citing a lack of diversity, PS 139 Principal Mary McDonald informed parents in a letter that the Students of Academic Rigor and two other in-house programs would no longer accept applications for incoming kindergartners.

“Our Kindergarten classes will be heterogeneously grouped to reflect the diversity of our student body and the community we live in,” McDonald told parents in a letter posted on the photo-sharing site flickr.

This solves an ideologically embarrassing problem: most of the school’s students are black or Hispanic, but most of the gifted students are white or Asian-American.

The suppression of excellence hurts those who excel regardless of their race:

One mother, a Sudanese immigrant, said the program was brimming with white students — but she was looking forward to her daughter joining after years of high test scores.

“Where are they going to put the higher-level students?” asked the woman, who declined to give her name. “Sometimes, there are different levels, and teachers can’t handle all the levels in one class.”

Tough luck. You can’t achieve equality through universally mandated mediocrity if you don’t trim each blade of grass down to size. Instead of developing her mind, the gifted daughter will spend her days watching the teacher fight a losing battle to impose order despite federal restrictions.

But she will still learn the most valuable lesson of all: the government will make us all equal in the end, so there is no point exerting any effort whatsoever.

“Diversity” means uniformity of achievement.

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19 Responses to “Excellence Sacrificed to Diversity at Brooklyn School”

  1. Tchhht!!! says:

    Ahh yes, we must all suffer equally.

  2. DJ says:

    But wait…….it gets MUCH worse.

    How and why implementation of radical-egalitarianist dictates are translating into a grave threat to our national security. (Just as it was intended to do?)

    HENRY McCULLOCH, a former Marine and Air Force Reserve fighter pilot, writes:

    The Fools of Fox have no more sense about women in the armed forces than Barack Hussein Obama. Here’s Shep Smith last month introducing new Fox reporter Lea Gabrielle, a former Navy fighter pilot.

    “Female fighter pilot” is an oxymoron on par with “Gay Marriage.” ‘Nuff said. Except that if you want to know what sort of lethal chicanery the U.S. Navy engaged in to get its precious “female fighter pilots,” simply google the names Kara Hultgreen (R.I.P.) and Carey Lohrenz, and if you want to know how force-feeding an unqualified woman pilot into a fighter squadron effectively destroyed a U.S. Air Force fighter wing, google the name Jackie Parker. As for what a success women in command at sea has been, please google the name Holly Graf.

    The whole women-in-combat racket is dishonest, unseemly and utterly unnecessary. Men create enough social and disciplinary problems in the armed forces all by themselves; why ask for trouble by inserting women into that world when there is no need whatever for them to be there and the readiness and social consequences are all too predictable? The fact that they are far less likely than men to be fully qualified for their assignments because they are certain to have benefited from sexual affirmative action in selection, training and assignment only makes matters worse. Whenever I see a puff piece about a GI-Jane who is supposed to have been some sort of ironman combat hero, my BS detector starts to ring. When you see such almost certainly greatly embellished war stories, say “Jessica Lynch” to yourself 10 times: that will help return you to reality, as it will remind you that today’s military PR officers and senior commanders are serial liars about anything to do with women, minorities and homosexuals in the armed forces. They have to be to keep their jobs.

    And don’t tell me about how the Israelis do it. In 1948, they put some women on the front lines in desperation; when that proved to be a complete failure, Israel still being a free country then, the Israelis withdrew them. There are women in combat positions in the IDF today only because Leftist judges of Israel’s Supreme Court ordered them there. Israelis are no more free of their black-robed, unelected masters than Americans are.

    read more>>

  3. Xavier says:

    One day we’ll be have an IQ tax.

  4. Xavier says:

    Whoops, I be speakin’ like someone who don’t be havin’ to pays no IQ tax.

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    Anyone for Home Schooling and ending this diversity/indoctrination nonsense?

  6. We’ll all be ignorant slugs- but we’ll do it together

  7. Mickey Shea says:

    Out with the teachers, in with the chimp wranglers.

  8. Oh for goodness sake. It’s a kindergarden. There ARE NO ADVANCED students in kindergarden. Except for the retarded kids, they are all the same. They are all paste-eating mouth breathers at that age.

    Having an advanced track in Kindergarden is just a marketing gimmick for the parent’s ego. Just call all of the classed “advanced” and put the top 90% of students on the honor roll and make everyone happy.

  9. Mr. Rational says:

    In the name of “diversity”, the school destroyed the very reason for those high-achieving students to go to school:  to learn things they didn’t already know.

    Diversity destroys EVERYTHING.

  10. DJ says:

    92 nuclear officers implicated in cheating scandal

    Published January 30, 2014
    • Associated Press

    Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said Thursday the number of nuclear force officers implicated in a proficiency test cheating scandal has grown to 92 out of a force of 500.

    James spoke to reporters after touring nuclear bases around the country, which The Associated Press has revealed suffers from such low morale and burnout that they have committed serious security lapses other breakdowns.

    James, who is new to the job, said the nuclear force is beset by “undue stress and fear,” and said the nuclear force suffers “systemic problems.”

    The Air Force announced recently that initially 17 officers were believed to have been involved in cheating on a monthly proficiency test to ensure they know how to maintain, and launch, nuclear missiles.

    The widening cheating scandal has set off a top-level search for solutions.

    For the first time, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel summoned 15 of his top Air Force, Navy and nuclear mission leaders to the Pentagon, where they worked Wednesday to figure out whether cultural problems within the nuclear force make launch officers feel more compelled to cheat on their proficiency tests.

    Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby said the officials spent the bulk of the meeting discussing the breadth of the problems, which include low morale, cheating and serious security lapses, and how to begin solving them.

    “I think the general consensus in the room was that we all need to accept the reality that there probably are systemic issues in the personnel growth and development inside the nuclear mission,” Kirby told Pentagon reporters after the two-hour meeting with Hagel. “The secretary made it clear at the end of the meeting that he intends to do these on a regular basis.”

    The cheating scandal is the latest revelation in a growing morass of problems among the men and women who maintain and staff the nation’s nuclear missiles


  11. Eric says:

    “but she was looking forward to her daughter joining after years of high test scores.”

    Kindergarten? Seriously?

  12. TED says:

    “Gifted” people DO NOT belong in that city. If they were truly gifted they will leave. Like living in a cespool, they too will become infected. We don’t need one more NYC POS.

  13. fuqdat says:

    Diana Moon Glampers, call your office!

  14. grayjohn says:

    Diversity, Stupidity. Let me tell you brother, you can’t have one without the other.

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