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Nov 19 2018

Exerting Black Privilege at Chipotle

One of the many benefits of being oppressed by racism is that you can get free food at Chipotle in the Somali colony New Mogadishu (previously known as Minneapolis/St Paul). If a manager tries to stop you, squeal “Racist!” and she gets fired:

Chipotle fired a manger for refusing to serve a black man she suspected had previously stolen food, despite the company knowing that he admitted on Twitter to repeatedly dining-and-dashing.

The manager’s suspicions regarding Masud Ali were well founded.

A company spokeswoman said it had “no choice” but to take the word of the 21-year-old, who was convicted of theft in January and previously pleaded guilty to another theft charge, despite having no evidence that the manager wrongly accused him.

Chipotle had no choice due to the political environment created by Cultural Marxism. Ali took to Twitter to allege racism, resulting in the sky falling on the manager’s head.

Ali has openly bragged about dining and dashing, according to his Twitter feed. …

In a since-deleted post, he said “aye man I think chipotle catchin up to us fam. should we change locations and yoooo what should we do.”

Another tweet by the allegedly oppressed Ali reads, “if you a real ass nigga we finna goto Applebees and eat as much as we can and tip the nice lady 20cents and walk the f*** out.”

Chipotle fired the manager anyway, despite knowing about Twitter posts confirming that Ali is a serial diner and dasher who likely planned to grab the food and run, because political correctness.

In addition to the free food he has acquired, Masud Ali also gets to be immortalized on the Hate Hoax List for faking an incident of racial discrimination. Even now, America is the Land of Opportunity. No wonder so many Somalis are eager to colonize.

Yet again, the liberal media gets an assist in the hate hoax, as evidence that political correctness is a lie is magically transformed into evidence that Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation are oppressed:

[M]any people posted screenshots of Ali’s previous behavior in replies to his tweets. Yet newspapers across the country published stories without these facts.

Facts are often racist.

In the future, we will all have to pay up front, because certain people don’t like to pay at all. This is called multicultural enrichment.

This viral video got the manager fired.

On tips from CNNPC and Dave.

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