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Dec 07 2019

Experts Agree: Ice Age Is Coming

Today, they shriek that we must abandon our wealth and freedom and give them absolute power over us because otherwise the weather will be too warm. There is a consensus, meaning that not playing along could jeopardize a scientist’s career. Yet not that long ago, they asked us to panic over an impending ice age. In this 1978 episode of In Search Of, Leonard Nimoy advised us to bundle up:

So much for Michael Mann’s bogus hockey stick.

In Search Of wasn’t alone. Time and Newsweek hyped the same “We’re all gonna freeze!” narrative.

Since the clear intent is to frighten people out of thinking clearly, they should have stuck with the ice age. It sounded a lot scarier than global warming.

Liberal information gatekeepers must think we are like goldfish swimming around and around in a bowl, each time unable to remember that we had been around that way before.

On a tip from Lyle.

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