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Oct 21 2019

Extinction Rebellion Invasion of In-N-Out Burger Fails

It isn’t only in London that Extinction Rebellion moonbats have worn out their welcome. Earlier, leftists tried and failed to wage a boycott against the countermoonbat company In-N-Out Burger. Now, XR fails to take over one of its restaurants.

Watch and laugh as a dutiful employee in California allows customers to eat in peace by giving a climate kook the bum’s rush:

As noted at Townhall, an employee named Tim repeatedly told the bearded moonbat to get off the business’s property:

The lefty refused, and Tim called the cops. Then, perhaps unaware of the irony, the video cut to another protester complaining that her property, the blow horn she used to berate and harass families enjoying a nice meal and employees earning a living, was thrown in the trash. That girl ended up being handcuffed, but it is unclear if any charges were filed.

Property rights are for me not thee, from the leftist point of view.

On a tip from Varla.

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