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Nov 07 2019

Extinction Rebellion Neighbor From Hell

HOAs can be overbearing, but maybe they are a good thing after all. The rules they impose might save the whole neighborhood if the neighbor from hell decides to convert a £750,000 home into a shrine to Extinction Rebellion, as happened in Carshalton, a suburb of London.

From Daily Mail:

Paul Barrett has enraged his neighbours by turning his three-bedroom semi into a rainbow house, erecting a giant 12-foot robot made from plastic bottles and installing multi-coloured rocks in the front garden.

A broken fridge has been converted into a letter box while roof tiles have been painted different colours leaving residents worried about the value of their homes.

Complains one neighbor,

“I have children and I no longer feel safe for them as so many people, many of them undesirable, are hanging round the house. It is awful.”

Barrett is a supporter of Extinction Rebellion, a moonbat cult that takes the global warming hoax seriously. He inherited the property from his parents. There goes the neighborhood.

On a tip from Kate P.

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