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Sep 08 2018

Extreme Reaction to Ad Irreverent Toward Anti-Americans in NFL

Careful now. To demonstrate any irreverence toward the disrespect NFL players show the American flag could result in harassment and threats from progressives, as a jeweler learned in Massachusetts:

Sturbridge-based Garieri Jewelers purchased a billboard in Charlton that shows a man proposing to a woman on a football field.

Scott Garieri sells engagement rings.

His billboard reads: “If you’re going to take a knee this season, please have a ring in your hand!”

The reference is of course to Black Lives Matter moonbats in the National Felons League. Inspired by Face of Nike Colin Kaepernick, they engage in disrespectful antics during the national anthem to protest America committing “racial injustice” by arresting black criminals.

Garieri wasn’t trying to be political, but just to make “a good play of words.”

But the Left has succeeded in its objective of politicizing literally everything, including football and engagement ring ads that refer to football.

[A] crowd of critics hit social media, calling it racist, disgusting, bigoted. One even told Garieri’s daughter to kill herself and other graphic threats.

“And they’re going to urinate on our sidewalks and vomit on our showcases. It’s like, you know, what’s wrong with people?” he asks.

In a word, moonbattery is what’s wrong with them.

To his immense credit, Garieri is leaving the billboard up, even though leftists don’t like it.

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