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Apr 02 2012

Eye Witness Reports on America’s Death

When South Africa was a Western nation, it was regarded as behind the times. Now that it has become a Third World socialist hellhole, it has leaped ahead to show us our future. A South African journalist reports under a pseudonym:

White Americans may soon find themselves unable or unwilling to stand up to challenge the new political methods that will be the inevitable result of the ethnic metamorphosis now taking place in America. Unable to cope with the new rules of the game — violence, mob riots, intimidation through accusations of racism, demands for proportionality based on racial numbers, and all the other social and political weapons used by the have-nots to bludgeon treasure and power from the haves — Americans, like others before them, will no doubt cave in. They will compromise away their independence and ultimately their way of life.

That is exactly what happened in South Africa. I know, because I was there and I saw it happen.

Faced with revolution in the streets, strikes, civil unrest and the sheer terror and murder practiced by Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC), the white government simply capitulated in order to achieve “peace.”

For the sake of a coward’s concept of peace, white South Africans allowed their country to degenerate into savagery.

White South Africans, you should remember, have been in that part of Africa for the same amount of time whites have inhabited North America; yet ultimately South Africans voted for their own suicide. We are not so very different from you.

The main difference: whites are a majority in the USA. But liberals crow with delight that we won’t be for long, thanks to massive Third World immigration.

Millions around the world want your good life. But make no mistake: They care not for the high-minded ideals of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, and your Constitution. What they want are your possessions, your power, and your status.

And they already know that their allies among you, the “human rights activists,” the skillful lawyers and the left-wing politicians will fight for them, and not for you. They will exploit your compassion and your Christian charity, and your good will.

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, et al. have already been hard at work “fundamentally transforming” our country, with eager assistance from the white liberal elite and its media, as the Trayvon Martin spectacle so graphically illustrates. They are playing for keeps.

Once you lose social, cultural, and political dominance, there is no getting it back again.

Take it from someone who has seen our future.

We are told to regard Nelson Mandela as a hero.

On a tip from Sweep the Leg.

50 Responses to “Eye Witness Reports on America’s Death”

  1. Shayne says:

    The big difference is Americans have the 2nd Amendment.

  2. Agnostic Conservative says:

    ABC News: George Zimmerman Video Shows Injury to Back of His Head

    Last Week ABC had released a similar video, with poor resolution, claiming Zimmerman had no visible injuries.

  3. Gunny G says:

    THANK GOD for the Second Amendment!

  4. Rob Banks says:

    But at least they don’t still have apartheid!

    Iliana Mercer wrote an excellent book on the subject of South Africa – Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Aparthied South Africa.

  5. Required says:

    Censureship is alive and well (not to mention the left-right paradigm).

  6. MissAnthropy says:

    Rhodesia, now the third world cesspool of Zimbabwe, has a similar story to neighboring South Africa. It was once called the breadbasket of Africa. But now that Mugabe has social justice’d the white farmers right off their farms, everyone can finally bask in equal hunger.

    And yeah, it IS going to happen here, in fact it is happening right now. The Left has been deliberately cultivating a demographic timebomb that will overwhelm America.

    Pretty soon the only enjoyment left in America will be the schadenfreude of watching smarmy white liberals devoured by the monsters of their own creation.

  7. Fiberal says:

    They will exploit your compassion and your Christian charity, and your good will.

    Yep. And the infinitely deep, mindlessness that it takes to willingly allow non-tax paying, government-dependent, anencephalic, syphilis-ridden liberals to vote.

    Or apparently women.

  8. Fiberal says:

    At the very least, some congressman should introduce a bill that proposes an intelligence test to qualify voters.

    Just exactly how would Eric Holder object to it?

  9. John says:

    Gosh, most of the world considers Nelson Mandela a great humanitarian. I’m so glad you’ve straightened that out for me.

  10. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Holy crap, sounds like there is no hope.

  11. Sweep the leg says:

    “Gosh, most of the world considers Nelson Mandela a great humanitarian. I’m so glad you’ve straightened that out for me.”

    Gosh. Well the truth is that Mandela is a monster, who tortured and murdered. He was propped up by idiots who thought that blacks could ever live side by side with anyone (including themselves), and that Apartheid (which allowed blacks a somewhat peaceful way of life, BTW), was pure evil.

    Whites foolishly caved to worldwide pressure, and handed over the country. Result? Easily predicable and disgusting. I’m sure you approve? What? You had no idea?

    Instead of acting like an idiot, why not visit some blogs and read some works by people who were actually there? Mandella is a terrorist. Period. Apartheid – and our self protective “Jim Crow”, are the only way you can live in relative peace with blacks. Nothing else has ever worked.

  12. onetermer says:

    The “regressives” will find out why the 2nd Amendment is where it is. To protect the 1st.

  13. Son of Taz says:

    @Shane, I agree with you, but will there be enough of us who will actually exercise our 2nd Amendment rights and take up arms against the government? And, what part of the government shall we take action against?

    No sane person wants to see gunfire in the streets directed at government officials. They can still mobilize an army to stop such actions.

    No, it will take far more clandestine action to stop the erosion. Of course, if the communist imposes a national or regional martial law, all bets are off.

  14. onetermer says:


    It’s called sarcasm.

  15. Sweep the leg says:


    If it was sarcasm you have my full apology.

  16. Fiberal says:

    John says: April 2, 2012 at 3:44 pm
    Gosh, most of the world considers Nelson Mandela a great humanitarian.

    Given the way the rest of the world is, it’s understandable.

    Mandela got the support he did since he was basically an ANC pawn who supported communism, terrorizing whites and winked at Winnie’s necktie parties.

    Remember Stompie Moeketsi, 14, .. murdered by members of Mrs Mandela’s bodyguard, the Mandela United Football Club?

    I do.

    BTW John, see Fiberal
    April 2, 2012 at 3:30 pm.

    I think you’ll find it deeply relevant. Especially the anencephalic, syphilis-ridden liberal part.

  17. Col. Angus says:

    I’m glad to see this article showing up. This is the second time today I’ve seen it linked. It was written in 2000 I believe, and I saw it for the first time in 2006. I re-read it every few months just to see some of her predictions coming true here. Beats the hell out of me why we are letting it happen, there is time to reverse the trend. Jesus H. Christ, what is happening to my country?

  18. smg45acp says:

    For decades South Africa had the highest murder rate of any civilized nation, but they no longer have that record.

    No,the murder rate didn’t go down. In fact the murder rate is higher than ever.
    They just are no longer classified as a civilized nation any more.

  19. oldguy says:

    White elites in the countries of the West are using the lower echelons of their white cultures as human shields.

  20. willford says:

    mendela has aways been an ASSWIPE. Communist Through and through. He should have died in Prison. the world would be a better place.

  21. AZRon says:

    Eddie Murphy said it with aplomb:

    “Give a nigger a rope and he wants to be a cowboy”.

  22. MissAnthropy says:

    If things proceed on their current course, America will devolve into nothing more than a giant Cargo Cult worshiping the memory of the paleface providers.

  23. Toa says:

    I wonder how many people remember Yossel “Joe” Slovo, SACP member and mover/shaker of the ANC.

    I remember in the ’80s the “Point of View” radio show featured a guest who was a South African government minister. A man of the “coloured” (mixed race) class, he spoke at length about the Mandelas’ murderous Communist campaigns which included apprehending and binding opponents and refuzniks to their cause(nearly all of whom were black), hanging a junk tire filled with gasoline around their necks, and burning them alive; this was called “necklacing”. Also addressed in this interview was the massive lies being fed to the West about “Martyr Mandela the Man of Peace” who, according to this guest, lived in great comfort in his prison cell, complete with FAX machine. Now, we witness ignorant, wildly happy Western journalists and other spokesmen sidling up beside Nelson Mandela to have their picture taken with him.

    Aw, but we’d never become that morally bankrupt and godless here the good ol’ U.S. of A., would we?????

  24. Jill says:

    No racism here.

    Fiberal says: At the very least, some congressman should introduce a bill that proposes an intelligence test to qualify voters. Just exactly how would Eric Holder object to it?

    Um – the constitution?

  25. kiplingsburdens says:

    Report from South Africa

    This was sent to me today by a South African … Scary….
    Certainly not for the faint-hearted! The beginning of the end!

    This is what is happening here (in case why you were wondering why the EU have issued a travel warning to South Africa). These are the scenes that have been happening everyday for the last week. I am ashamed and truly heart broken …

    Residents laugh as foreigner burns in his own blankets

    He, too, was set alight.

    As we made our way through the Ramaphosa squatter camp in Reiger Park on Gauteng’s East Rand, a woman’s words made us freeze in horror. “They are burning people down there,” she said.

    I ran to the nearest police officer and said: “The locals say they’re burning a person at the other intersection.” Officers leapt into a Casspir and a Nyala, and drove through the debris and barricades in the road.

    I ran after them, with other photographers following.

    Two hundred metres down the road we found the first man. He had been severely beaten and was semi- conscious. Police thought he was dead, but later realised he wasn’t.

    About 25m from him a man was on his knees. There was a mattress covering him, and it was on fire.
    He, too, was set alight.

    Police threw the mattress off him and kicked sand onto him to put out the flames. Another officer ran over with a fire extinguisher, pointed it at him and extinguished the flames. Other officers radioed for medical help. The man was alive, but barely. He groaned, but he could not speak.

    It was all over in 20 seconds.

    There was a concrete pillar lying near him, splattered with blood. We can only imagine what was done to him before he was set alight. The police stayed with him until the paramedics arrived, doing what they could. But residents gathered at the scene were laughing.

    Kim Ludbrook, a photographer, admonished them, and we reminded them this was human being and that what had happened was barbaric. Still they laughed. The burnt victim, whose name has not been released, died last night in hospital.

    Man “necklaced”. Necklacing re-fers to the practice of summary execution carried out by forcing a rubber tire, filled with gasoline, around a victim’s chest and arms, and setting it on fire.

    Sunday, Bloody Sunday – Man ‘necklaced’ in Reiger Park as marauding gangs hunt down foreigners in the streets.

    Heavily armed police fought a ferocious battle across the greater Johannesburg area yesterday as xenophobia-related attacks spread like wildfire.

    Since Friday, 12 people have been killed in attacks by rampaging South Africans trying to purge foreigners from informal settlements and central city districts in Johannesburg and the East Rand, following violence in the Alexandra and Diepsloot townships.

    By late afternoon marauding gangs roved Johannesburg’s streets setting alight shops owned by foreigners in Jeppestown, Cleveland and Malvern, and engaging in running battles with police. Earlier, mobs attacked foreigners in Hillbrow.

    In perhaps the most vicious attack, a man was “necklaced” in Reiger Park on the East Rand. Jody Kollapen, chairman of the Human Rights Commission, said such scenes were reminiscent of “the dark days of apartheid”.

    The HRC will meet today to discuss the violence.

    One victim was a deaf mute who was attacked outside the Central Methodist Church in Johannesburg. Known only as “Tarro”, the young man suffered a gash to his forehead at the hands of a mob.

    Medical student Herbert Nedi tended to him and said the bewildered Tarro, who could only write his name and could not provide a surname, did not know what was happening around him.

    “It was clear he did not have a clue what they [the mob] were talking about. He doesn’t understand what is going on,” said Nedi, as Tarro held a cloth to his head.

    At the church, next to the Johannesburg High Court, the situation was on a knife edge as hundreds of Zimbabweans and other foreigners prepared for the worst.

    They armed themselves with bricks, and a small police contingent had their work cut out as they vowed to protect themselves.

    “Is this how you South Africans are going to treat foreigners when they come here for the World Cup?” asked one irate Zimbabwean, identifying himself only as Charles.

    “This is a s**t country. It’s a shame to the rest of the world that they are allowing the World Cup to take place here. South Africans seem to think that no one’s life is precious.”

    David Mokone, 22, came to South Africa three weeks ago, seeking a job and a better life. The young man, tears welling in his eyes, sat outside the church as others scampered for weapons to defend themselves.

    “It’s better in my own country than it is here,” he told The Times. “I would rather go back and die in Zimbabwe than be killed by South Africans,” he said.

    Tony Maara, 30, said: “I have never been more frightened. I didn’t go to work on Saturday because I was threatened. The world must take note of what is happening here.” His sentiments were echoed by 25- year-old Brian Burayai of Zimbabwe.

    He said his brother was beaten up on Saturday when a group of Zulu-speaking men asked him if he knew the Zulu word for “elbow”. When he could not answer, they started beating him.

    Rampaging South Africans, purging foreigners from informal settlements and central city districts.

    “I thought I would be safe here because Mugabe is a serial killer. But these locals are just as bad,” he said. ANC president Jacob Zuma, speaking in Pretoria also condemned the attacks, saying: “We cannot allow South Africa to be famous for xenophobia. We cannot be a xenophobic country.”

    In Jeppestown shop-owner Ntombi Mbokazi, 45, was in tears after thugs looted her clothing store. She cried as cops ordered her off the street. “Help me. they have taken everything!” she protested, but the public-order police were only interested in containing the violence.

    Throughout the day police sirens were heard across the city as police and Metro police raced from one scene to the next. Armed with a shotgun, a police inspector in Cleveland said: “It’s getting worse. This thing is like a wildfire; just when you think you’ve contained one area you hear its erupted again in another.”

    International aid organisation Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) described the situation as an imminent humanitarian crisis.

    Spokesman Eric Goemaere said the attacks were a crisis. “I have been to many refugee camps and situations and this definitely is along those lines,” he said. Johannesburg – The Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF) warned the foreign and home affairs departments only a month ago that xenophobia in SA was getting out of control.

    Kicking foreigners out of homes and chasing them out of townships, even cases of assault and murder, were common. Hundreds of foreigners had been targeted in townships like Mamelodi, Soshanguve and Atteridgeville near Pretoria last month.

    In the Western Cape, xenophobic attacks also made headlines last year. Scores of Somalis, Congolese and Zimbabweans felt the wrath of local residents.

    “The pattern of incidents give the impression that these were not isolated events but systematic and co-ordinated,” warned Gabriel Shumba, executive director of ZEF in April. “The reaction of police is cause for growing concern, as they claim they are either too scared to respond or are even complicit”.

    Alexandra and Diepsloot north of Johannesburg were the latest areas to experience xenophobic violence. Some reports said the violence had spread to Boksburg, Tembisa and Thokoza.

    ZEF programme director Ebbie Matsangaise said foreigners were given the blame for poverty and suffering found in SA’s informal settlements and townships. “Government has to start communicating better to make people aware of xenophobia and those council members who incite xenophobia have to be monitored”.

    She said the violence in Alexandra started at a community meeting attended by 200 people. “These are unemployed people, they just lie about. The hate they carry in their hearts is like simmering pot – it can boil over at any moment and spread all over. That is what happened after that meeting”.

    This is war, implementing black tolerance

    “This is war!” said Methodist church Bishop Paul Verryn, calling for a state of emergency to be declared and the army’s help called in. Verryn’s plea came on Sunday after gangs targeted immigrants at the church in continuing attacks fuelled by xenophobia.

    At least 13 people have died, two by the necklace method, in attacks which have raged in Johannesburg’s city centre and across the East Rand and West Rand.

    An estimated 60 people were injured in the attacks, with attackers not sparing immigrants who were sheltering in the Central Methodist Church in the city centre. Verryn said the police had warned on Saturday that they should expect an attack even on the Central Methodist Church. Many Zimbabweans, Mozambicans, Ethiopians and Malawians have been regarding the church as a safe haven.

    Armed themselves with bricks

    The atmosphere was tense after immigrants were assaulted outside the church on Sunday afternoon. Many immigrants armed themselves with bricks and feared the worst. Verryn said that, as a church leader, he could not encourage violence, but it was difficult to preach his high ideals when his life was not under threat.

    “It would be a howling shame, a disgrace on this nation if an attack was launched on this church. May God protect you,” he said later to the immigrants.

    Marika J. Winther

  26. kiplingsburdens says:

    Thank you guys for introducing the term “necklacing” to me… Jesus.. Looking at the images and video I found and apparently how often it is done… Where the Nazis really so barbaric in contrast?

    What a future we have ..

  27. RexRedbone says:

    Mandella the fire tire around the neck the whites I have met south africa people have told me that we are very close and Obama plans on pushing us over the edge.We will see the New Black Panthers moving to Kill whites as they sleep this was Obama`s New Police force that he talked about Jack Booted thugs they will will be the judge jury and executioner This is Why is Obama in such a hurry to end the 2nd amendment

  28. A_Nonny_Mouse says:

    We WILL follow South Africa’s path-


    we find a champion (and soon!) who can articulate that America’s power and affluence is *NOT* due to oppression of certain groups based on their skin color. We got where we are because EVERYBODY has a chance to try to achieve success. Look around- this country has people of ALL RACES who have “made it”: athletes, entertainers, astronauts, doctors, politicians, scientists, authors… Granted, not everybody who wants “a job where I make $3 million a year” reaches their goal, but most folks with some skill/ talent/ intelligence/ education/ drive can make a “good enough” life for themselves; and can reasonably expect that their children can achieve a “good enough” life as well. [And note that if this were truly a racist society, there would be no President Obama, nor a Bill Cosby, nor a Tiger Woods. They would NEVER have had ANY opportunity to advance.]

    What really bugs me is that the professional race-agitators insist that black kids in school shouldn’t be required to “act white” (as they call it); ie, learn to read/ write/ speak proper English, learn basic math, learn to follow directions with some measure of grace, show up on time, etc. They declare that schools which insist that kids learn such things are doing so as a form of “cultural genocide” against Authentic Black Culture (or similarly phrased rubbish).

    Our “champion” would have to refute this idiocy by explaining -forcefully- that it’s not about teaching kids to “act white”:
    (1) What schools are trying to teach kids is to “act SUCCESSFUL”. Getting children, ANY children, educated to the point that they’ve got the skills that employers are looking for takes YEARS. Schools help kids succeed.
    (2) Blacks aren’t the only ones left behind when they fail to master the skills taught in school. There’s a large subset of whites –generally called “white trash” — who remain at the bottom rungs of the social order because they, too, haven’t developed the skills necessary to be employable.

    Sigh…. If we could just get rid of this Commie notion (and that *IS* where this garbage comes from) of White Privilege/ White Oppression and substitute Culture of Opportunity/ Culture of Success. It’s so OBVIOUS to me that it’s NOT- NOT- NOT!!! anything to do with skin color. !!! _NOT!_COLOR!_ !!!

    It’s *CULTURE* !!! ANYBODY can play. Dance, sing, act, invent, paint, teach…. Do something, then learn/ study/ practice until you can do it better. Or- change your mind; go do something different. And learn/ study/ practice/ do-it-better. Woo-hoo, that’s the singularity of America right there!

  29. Fiberal says:


    You may be jumping to conclusions about the racism, but okay. .. I understand that’s the liberal default position.

    But more interesting, what part of the Constitution are you referring to?

  30. Henry says:

    kiplingsburdens says: April 2, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    Xenophobia = prog term for racism when whites are the victim.

  31. Dr. 9 says:

    Both Mandela and Martin Lucifer King were communist dupes. Unfortunately for Mandela, he didn’t get the same perks from the communist party that King did, money and White women. But they both spewed the same message.

    As for what the post says America is headed for, i agree totally. There’s not enough brains, strength, or will left in the American people to stop it.

  32. Fiberal says:

    Jill looks to be just another hit and run liberal.

    But you see the problem here, right?

    A. You probably vote
    B. You’re definitely stupid

    And that is the lethal combination that we are allowing to drive this country into bankruptcy.

    BTW Jill, where do you want me to send my check for your contraception?

  33. Mary says:

    Excellent thread, but it’s missing the truth about the role of jews in all this anti-White agitation.

    It’s time to face the truth:

  34. Mary says:

    Also, if I were a White man, I would start impressing upon my female relatives that voting for Obama is akin to stabbing me in the heart, and that I would feel deep shame to be blood kin to such a traitor.

    Just sharing 🙂

  35. Beforethestorm says:

    It’s already been mentioned, but the whole rest of the world practically was leaning on SA to make changes that led to their downfall.

  36. treacle bender says:

    great to see that there are people on the other side of the planet who know the truth about terrorist Mandela..

    for those who are interested in the whole truth about apartheid and where the US is heading (an excellent read):

  37. octa bright says:

    to Beforethestorm
    In addition the Whites were 20% of the population, divided almost equally between Boers and English, they had major communist insurgant movements in the neighboring African states attacking them, were being embargoed by the rest of the world, and probably would have faced Soviet intervention if they attacked the bases. They took the best course that they could by negotiating a surrender while they still had some barganing chips. They saw and remembered what happened to the Belgian Congo when the Whites left without terms.

  38. IslandLifer says:

    Too late

  39. whotothewhat says:

    I have been seeing since Obama has been the Usurper and Chief of USSA that he was going to do to us what has happen in Africa for decades. With countries like Rhodesia the Congo South Africa and the like being turned over to Marxist warlords and ejecting the former white residents who were born and raised in those countries. those same white farmers and ranchers had turned many of those colonies in to the bread basket of Africa. Could that happen here YES!! and I believe it already is. We see how the Trayvon shooting has been handled by the President and his Marxist lap dogs in the Media and the race baiters. We see it with our porous boarder and sanctuary cities, we also see it with the recall movement in WI and with OWS protests. The one wildcard we have is the second amendment but that will only be as good as the user. When pressure is brought to bear on the owners of firearms i.e. high taxes on ammo and possible if Obama care goes through high taxes on even owning a firearm. Example Obama care law goes into effect somewhere down the line the Government comes up with a clause that would make your health insurance skyrocket because you have a deadly firearm in your home, If you get rid of it and your insurance goes down you might even get a rebate, see how easy it would be to take your firearms without even kicking in your door at 5 am.

  40. Jill says:

    Fiberal says: Jill looks to be just another hit and run liberal. My posts are being held in ‘moderation’ in case they offend anyone here. We’ll see if this one gets through.

    But you see the problem here, right? A. You probably vote B. You’re definitely stupid. And that is the lethal combination that we are allowing to drive this country into bankruptcy.

    You seem to be assuming that there is a corellation between voting and intelligence – and that corellation favors your right wing position. There is a good correlation between education and voting turnout, and studies that examined factors such as education level, showed a negative correlation between education and voting republican, i.e the better educated the less likely they were to be right wing. There was also a positive correlation between obesity and voting republican. So be careful what you wish for. Santorum understands this

    BTW Jill, where do you want me to send my check for your contraception? Is that what passes for humor here? But in case you are being serious, send it to Planned Parenthood, they help a great many women who really can’t afford it – and you clearly don’t need it.

  41. Fiberal says:

    A. You probably vote B. You’re definitely stupid.

    Well Jill, you certainly have confirmed at least half of that assertion.

    I wouldn’t argue that there isn’t a correlation btw better educated and less likely to be right wing. However, those kinds of studies are most likely done by sociology/psychology academicians with vested interests (what serious scientist would waste their time?); and because institutions of “higher learning” have become propaganda mills for liberalism.

    Colleges and universities have waged an all-out war on conservative viewpoints.

    You can verify this by turning on your correlation machine and seeing the association between faculties and liberalism. Not to mention that campuses are rife with special interest groups that find their relevancy in victimization and intimidation.

    Academicians have been pushing and publishing the fallacy that conservatives have low IQs for years. That’s a liberal agenda and totally false.

    I could (easily) find a correlation between ugly women and liberalism. I could also find a correlation between fires and fire-engines but I wouldn’t make a lot out of it. (you apparently would..but nevertheless, you might want to resist the temptation to conclude that fire engines cause fires).

    You may also want to turn your razor-sharp correlation mind onto the R between those groups that make their living off of producers and are yet allowed to vote – criminals have low IQs; single mothers have low IQs; the chronically unemployed have low IQs. It goes on.

    And I don’t need to remind you (or do I?) of their likely party affiliations.

    Moreover, OWS# has provided a nasty view of some of the lowest IQs ever amassed. Villages of Village Idiots.

    And this is something liberal democrats identify with and appear to be proud of.

    BO himself seems to be suffering from a mild form of Fragile X syndrome- a common form of mental retardation; yet this is the liberal Messiah (let’s see his school transcripts).


    As for your contraception, I would not send a check to PP. That could get lost.

    I’m only interested in seeing to it that you don’t reproduce.

    That would be cheap at any price.

  42. sablegsd says:

    “Just exactly how would Eric Holder object to it?”

    “Um – the constitution?”

    Name one time that POS ever followed the Constitution?

  43. Jill says:

    So Obama and I are both retarded? Not to mention all those liberal university profs. Good luck designing an intelligence test that permits Moonbattery posters to vote, yet excludes university profs, Harvard law grads and PhD Engineers.

    And you can stop fantasizing about my sex life. a) it’s none of your business and b) I value intellect and compassion in a partner.

  44. Fiberal says:

    I see you’ve decided to go off discussion and into a snark. Well, okay:

    So Obama and I are both retarded?

    Probably. That may not come as an epiphany for you but it’s something to seriously consider.

    Good luck designing an intelligence test that permits Moonbattery posters to vote, yet excludes university profs, Harvard law grads and PhD Engineers.

    Like I said, what serious scientist would waste their time with that kind of research? – except sociologists, psychologists and other liberal geniuses with petty agendas?

    BTW you might want to try your luck with the Stanford-Binet…just to get a bit of insight.

    And you can stop fantasizing about my sex life.

    So whose fantasizing? You liberals put it all out there for everyone to see. Fortunately, I have a strong stomach.

    Anyway, as a member of the 1% tax-paying class who writes a check out to your government trough, I’m only interested in liberals like you not reproducing yourselves —even if it is on my dime.

    (So- first I’m a racist?; now I’m fantasizing about your sex life? – typical liberal projection. I think you’re fantasizing about me. But sorry, I’m already committed to several mistresses. .. Just can’t take on anyone else right now.)

    a) it’s none of your business

    It is when my tax dollar subsidizes your reproductive behaviors. In fact, anyone who has to pay for your contraception or whatever other sexual accoutrements you might require, (including the tattoos you wear to attract your preferred class of father images) and then has to pay for your drooling offspring up to and including their incarcerations and final lethal injection, has a vested interest in who you are with and what you are doing behind closed (hopefully) doors at all times.

    That’s the socialist contract you sign on for.

    and b) I value intellect and compassion in a partner.

    You mean you envy intellect and hope for compassion –in your partners.

    (Fixed it for you).

  45. IslandLifer says:

    Jill says:
    April 2, 2012 at 7:08 pm
    No racism here.

    Every single time! Breaking news for ya, that doesn’t work any more! That in itself shows your intellect and I don’t care how many degrees you have. You can take your self righteous cow dung somewhere where they still eat it (progressive blogs have a steady appetite).

  46. Fiberal says:

    Oh great, Island. Just great.

    Here I’m making great time with Jill the Pill.

    I’m impressing her with my soft, carefully-crafted lyrics of flowers and springtime and you come along and tell her to eat sh*t.



  47. Sgtgaffers says:

    Okay, I consider myself a conservative and agree that Mandela was a shitty leader, but are there really people on here who believe that apartheid was a good thing?

    I’m sorry, but the US didn’t become a great nation over night, and the repression experienced by the colonists wasn’t nearly as severe as that by black South Africans. Mandela might have been a terrible choice, but to assume that the country is failing strictly because apartheid is over is absurd.

  48. Thank you for this article. One of the reasons I come to this site is because I don’t have the time to search all over the internet. This site has a very good roundup of the truth that is out there. Thanks again.

  49. Rob Banks says:


    “When you have eliminated the impossible , whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”. –Sherlock Holmes

  50. Positron says:

    If it wasn’t for Nelson Mandela South Africa would have endured a civil war.

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