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Jul 15 2021

Facebook Is Banning the Criticism of Ideas

Democrats cannot explicitly ban criticism of ideas, because they don’t have the leverage yet to abolish the Constitution. So they outsource censorship to Big Tech. In strict technical terms, Facebook is not a branch of the government that it helped install in power, so it isn’t unconstitutional for Zuckerberg’s minions to censor criticism of ideas the government does not want people questioning.

Previously, speech could only be suppressed if it was likely to result in imminent physical harm. Thanks to a policy update, words only have to be deemed by the leftists at Fakebook to be “likely to contribute to imminent … discrimination” against preferred identity groups. That is, anything seen as a challenge to moonbat ideology can be banned, on the grounds that all speech liberals don’t like is “hate speech.”

Liz Wheeler explains how this policy might be used to suppress speech deemed critical of communist China, the Palestinian Authority, the radical LGBT agenda, feminism, et cetera:

Needless to say, the policy will be used to repress pushback against critical race theory, the primary wrecking ball progressives have been using to demolish America.

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