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Oct 05 2018

False #MeToo Allegations at Pennsylvania High School

Christine Blasey Ford is not the first. Joseph got kavanaughed by Potiphar’s wife back in biblical times. More recently, Blasey Ford’s tactics have been on display at Seneca Valley High School in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, where a lawsuit has been filed in response to girls terrorizing a boy with false #MeToo allegations:

Michael J. and Alecia Flood of Zelienople, Butler County, the parents of a teenage boy identified in the lawsuit as T.F., seek unspecified civil damages against the girls’ parents, the school district and Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger’s office. The lawsuit … alleges they “conspired in person and via electronic communication devices to falsely accuse T.F. of sexual assault on two occasions.”

According to the suit, the boy

“was forced to endure multiple court appearances, detention in a juvenile facility, detention at home, the loss of his liberty and other damages until several of the girls reluctantly admitted that their accusations were false” this summer.

School officials politically correctly sided with the female bullies, just as the media sides with Christine Blasey Ford.

“(T.F.) was basically being tortured in school by the other students and investigators, but the administration was only focused on protecting the girls who were lying,” [attorney Craig] Fishman said. “Once the allegations were proven false, they really didn’t care one bit about T.F. and there has been absolutely no repercussions against the girls.”

It started when one of the girls got him fired from his lifeguard job by inventing a sexual assault. Unlike Christine Blasey Ford, she was able to get a friend to back up her false allegation. The motive was personal dislike, as confirmed by a recording Fishman has acquired.

As with Brett Kavanaugh, the initial false allegation was followed by #MeToo piling on. He was already on probation for a sexual assault he did not commit when…

In March, another girl [a friend of the first] reported to a school counselor that the boy had walked into her home uninvited and sexually assaulted her. The allegations were supported by information from two other girls…

T.F. was dragged out of school in shackles, no doubt to the delight of the girls, and locked up in a juvenile detention center before getting released to house arrest with electronic monitoring. The school officially proclaimed that he could not play on the baseball team because it didn’t want to be represented by a sexual assaulter. However,

According to the lawsuit, the criminal complaints against the boy began to unravel in May when three of the witnesses admitted they had lied.

Yet they will not clear T.F.’s record, and there have been no repercussions for the hoaxers. As we know from watching media coverage of the Kavanaugh hearings, the male is always wrong, even if he behaves flawlessly. That’s because men are privileged sexist oppressors who must be kept down by any means necessary.

If Christine Blasey Ford’s figurative political assassination attempt is successful, look for the Hate Hoax List to explode with similar incidents. Not all girls will be able to resist the power to destroy any male on a whim just by exploiting the liberal establishment’s lunatic creed that they must be believed, regardless of the likelihood that they are telling the truth.

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