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Jan 09 2020

Fastest Way to Flunk a Sociology Class

Ted McCoy, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Calgary, demonstrates the effect moonbattery has had on the erstwhile free marketplace of ideas by tweeting (then deleting) the following:

I heard it rumoured students will fail my class if they cite Jordan Peterson and I’d like to clarify that this is absolutely correct

Jordan Peterson is a successful author and fellow Canadian professor. His views are moderate but right of center, and consequently he is hated by leftists, who resent his influence and ability to talk circles around moonbats.

Switch on the light and the cockroaches scramble. McCoy must have received some unwanted attention. It sent him scurrying to the dogeared and painfully lame “it was a joke” defense:

Vindictive Jacobin or droll jokester? Which is the real McCoy? Students relying on this self-described “anti-fascist” to keep their GPAs afloat probably won’t want to take any chances.

On a tip from Frances J. Hat tip: Rebel News.

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