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Jun 17 2024

Father’s Day in Chuck Schumer’s World

At least attempts by our moonbat rulers to pass for normal Americans provide comic relief:

If only they could make deplorable Republicans eat the ruined burgers and then clean the grill after Schumer flips them with the cheese already on. Then again, the cheese won’t make much of a mess so long as he doesn’t light the grill.

Democrats want to ban using gas to cook food because it offends their weather gods. They also oppose meat and dairy products on the grounds that the climate wants us to eat insects instead. Schumer expiates his gastronomic sins by making sure we know his daughter is an LGBTist who has been making a mockery of holy matrimony. Good thing yesterday wasn’t National Grandparents Day.

On tips from R F, Mr. Freemarket, and KirklesWorth.


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