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Nov 04 2019

FBI Investigates “It’s Okay to Be White” Flyers

As cultural Marxists have been yelling at us for at least a generation now, it is not okay to be white. It is particularly not okay to say that it’s okay to be white, which might literally constitute a crime.

From Danbury, Connecticut:

Western Connecticut State University President John Clark said he is shocked and saddened about [allegedly “hate-filled”] flyers and inscriptions found on university property.

The flyers had “It’s Okay to be white” written on them, according to WCSU officials.

No worries, moonbats; law enforcement is on the case, at every level up to federal:

An investigation is underway involving Danbury police, CT State Police, and the FBI, where surveillance footage will be reviewed.

So far the situation seems to be under control, because the United Nations has not yet been called in to secure Danbury.

Police admit that no property was destroyed. Nonetheless, Clark promises that the fiend or fiends who think it’s okay to be white will be “caught and properly punished.”

Give it up, Babylon Bee. It is no longer possible to parody totalitarian leftism.

Ironically, the absurd overreaction to the flyers proves the point the flyers are intended to make: that the liberal establishment is hostile toward America’s core population.

Readers are advised that just because it’s not okay to be white does not mean it is okay to wear blackface.

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